Decorative comb realized in silver, presented at the exhibition “Hokusai and Fuji: Hokusai for Children”.


The comb, which Hokusai envisioned in his original design, has been successfully realized for the first time in silver using modern jewelry craftsmanship. The exhibition will be held at the Museum of Mulhouse in Alsace, France from November 18, 2012.

Katsushika Hokusai was also a designer

The only Japanese selected by the American photo journal LIFE in its 1998 survey of the “Most Important People of the Past 1,000 Years” as one of the top 100. That is Hokusai Katsushika.

Hokusai is a giant of beauty who is ranked alongside Leonardo da Vinci in the world.
He had a great influence on Impressionists such as Manet, Monet, Van Gogh, Cézanne, Renoir, Degas, Lautrec, and Mucha, and left a significant mark on the history of modern art.

Toward the realization of the design

The International Hokusai Society (hereafter referred to as “the Society”) and the Kofu Jewelry Association (hereafter referred to as “the Association”) drew on their respective knowledge and experience in creating this piece to realize Hokusai’s vision. From the selection of the design to its completion, this joint project took approximately six months (from May to October 2022).

The three parties worked in unison to bring the project to completion by fully demonstrating their respective strengths: the Society communicated the meaning and ideas behind Hokusai’s design, the Association created an environment in which craftspeople could maximize their skills, and the craftspeople made full use of their skills.

Commemorating the 160th Anniversary of Exchange between Alsace and Japan

“Hokusai and Mt.Fuji – Hokusai Exhibition for Children”

Date: 2022/11/18〜2023/3/12
Venue: La Commanderie 28, rue Zuber Mulhouse, Mulhouse Wallpaper Museum



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