Enjoying national sake and Japanese tea in a modern tea room “Zushi Saryo -Rindo-“


We want to connect the good old culture and history of Japan and the thoughts of producers and deliver them to our customers. In May, “Zushi Saryo -Rindo-“, which mainly offers national sake (sake, shochu, Japanese wine) and Japanese tea selected by sommeliers and sake masters, opened in Zushi City, Kanagawa Prefecture.

Zushi Saryo -Rindo-

Tea dormitory where you can enjoy Japanese tea while the sun is bright
Facing Kamegaoka Shrine in Zushi City, Kanagawa Prefecture, the store name is “Zushi Saryo Rindo-” and the family crest is “Yukigetsu Rinni Rikyu Ryuji”.
Japanese tea carefully selected from all over the country is carefully extracted drop by drop, and we prepare several kinds of high-quality sweets that match the tea according to the season.
In addition, we also offer tea and fruits, tea cocktails using medicinal herbs, wines from all over Japan, and seasonal sake.

When the sun overlaps the sea, the teahouse goes to the BAR
We have wines from all over Japan carefully selected by the sommelier and SAKE DIPLOMA, as well as seasonal sake and shochu that are made from time to time.
With the concept of “delicious food little by little”, we cook seasonal ingredients and prepare them all in small plates.

Japanese tea and national sake that the owner is particular about
Address: Kasahara Building Zushi B-2F, 5-1-12 Zushi, Zushi-shi, Kanagawa
Business hours: [Cha-ryo] 12: 00-16: 30 (LO.16: 00)
[BAR] 17: 30-24: 00 (LO.23: 30)
* Business hours may change due to the Act on Priority Measures such as Prevention of Vine
Regular holiday: Irregular holidays
TEL: 046-870-3730

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※Scheduled to be released in early July

When you enter the store, the main table is a single plate



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