[BRICK LANE] Summer is in full swing and the August limited edition mango and yogurt mousse cake is released.


Now in its seventh year of business, BRICK LANE offers seasonally changing sweets and coffee.
The sweets are handmade in the store, and the menu changes with the seasons, centering on the “ToGo Cupcake” series, which are served in takeout cups for drinks.

The “ToGo Cupcake” series, a popular menu item that has become a hot topic on social networking sites for its unique appearance as if it were placed directly into a takeout cup for drinks, is now available only in August with the “Mango and Yogurt Mousse Cake.
The dessert is made with a base of baked damande, which has been baked to a savory aroma, a yogurt mousse batter that has been softly whipped, and a mango pulp jelly.
On top, mango pulp compote with just the right amount of water is drizzled with mango sauce, creating a cake with a texture similar to rare cheese cake.

Summer-only "lemon cream soda" with a pleasant lemon jelly slurp

The “Lemon Cream Soda” is also available only in mid-summer.
This refreshing soda is made with a refreshing homemade lemon jell syrup that goes down your throat and is mixed with soda water using berry syrup and citrus syrup respectively.
The rich vanilla bean ice cream melts out of the ice cream, and we recommend drinking it while enjoying the change.

"Rare cheesecake" where you can feel the natural flavor of cheese

Our regular cheesecake has been remodeled from a baked cheesecake to a rare cheesecake for the summer season.
This classic cheesecake is made with 100% raw milk yogurt and natural cheese.
The sweetness is reduced to bring out the flavor of the cheese. Served with homemade blueberry sauce, this dessert is refreshing even in the hot summer months. Please enjoy with a deep roasted coffee.

:Blueberry rare cheese cake 740 yen (tax included)
:Lemon cream soda 720 yen (tax included)
:Rare cheese cake 660 yen (tax included)
*All prices are for in-store dining at 10% tax rate. For take-out, the tax rate of 8% is applied and the price will differ.


Address: 1-15-14 Setagaya, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Closed: Every Tuesday
Hours of Operation: 11:30〜19:00
TEL: 03-6413-0157

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