Chef Development of “Daigo Chabo,” an Exploratory Restaurant Featured on “Gaia no Yoake” (Dawn of Gaia)


As part of a project to utilize a 150-year-old traditional Japanese house, an exploratory restaurant “Daigo Tea House” will be open for three weeks from 11/22/2022 (Tue) to 12/12/2022 (Mon).

Under the theme of “Okuji Gastronomy of Tea,” the exploratory restaurant “Daigo Chabo” has developed a special lunch course that allows you to taste Okuji tea and rich local ingredients from the town of Okoji through all five senses, using plenty of Okuji tea, the northernmost tea produced in Japan, which is also produced in the Sanuki district of the town of Oko.

Chef Keiyasu Suzuki, a standard-bearer of local gastronomy*, will be in charge of culinary development. Please enjoy a special lunch course consisting of five dishes, which will showcase the scenery of Oku Kuji and the thoughts of its producers.

The theme is "Okkuji Gastronomy with Tea".

Okuji tea has a history of about 400 years and is said to be the northernmost tea-producing region in Japan. Grown in a low-temperature, rainy climate and cold winters, Okujicha is a dark-colored tea with a strong aroma, and its taste is astringent yet full-bodied.

This time, we will not only “drink” Okuji tea, but also “eat” and “touch” it, so that visitors can enjoy its charms to the fullest. The product was developed through a process of trial and error so that customers can experience the scenery and climate of Okuji and the thoughts of its producers while tasting the tea to its fullest.

Course Menu Introduction

This is an original creative course menu that uses a variety of familiar ingredients such as Hitachiniku beef, Okkuji shamo, Okkuji sweetfish, and fresh Ogo vegetables, as well as “Okkuji tea” produced in the Sanuki district of Ogo Town, where Daigo Tea House is also located.

I myself am from near a tea-producing region and have long been exploring its use as an ingredient. Okujicha is an ingredient that is a waste of time to just drink, as all the elements of tea taste, bitterness, sweetness, and richness, can be felt well. This time, we have designed each menu item to suit the ingredients and to complement those three characteristics well. We hope you will enjoy the richness of Ogo’s culinary charms to the fullest.” (Chef Suzuki)

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Whole natural sweetfish confit with herb salad
Rump steak of kombu-shime (kelp-finned) Hitachiniku beef
Poiret of Okkuji Gundori chicken marinated in miso
Rice cooked with pork and radish with tea leaves / bowl of soybean paste and soy milk with edamame marudofu
Green Tea and Cream Cheese Sweet Potato Mousse

Chef Profile

Next Food Culture Inc.
Representative Director/Chef
Hiroyasu Suzuki

He is a chef who pursues a food culture rooted in the local community, emphasizing the utilization of the characteristics of Japanese ingredients and food culture, and conveying the producer’s thoughts and commitment through his cuisine.
In addition to providing management consulting services for various restaurants, cooking classes, and support for regional revitalization projects, he is also the head chef at “NIPPONIA Kosuge Minamoto no Mura,” an old private house hotel in Kosuge Village, Yamanashi Prefecture.
His cuisine utilizing local ingredients at the hotel is highly acclaimed, and he is now attracting attention in the field of local gastronomy.

Weekend-only walking tours of the entire left-nuki area are available.

In order to further enhance the “Okuji Tea” theme of this year’s “Daigo Tea House” with all five senses, we will hold a weekend-only “Sanuki Area Whole Walking Tour.



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