Nostalgic and ‘new’. Showa cold drinks fair with a retro theme.


From Saturday 1 June to Saturday 31 August 2024, Dessert Café Chorakukan will offer a Showa-era retro-themed menu of classic drinks from the café with a new, appealing flavour.

Mango mixed juice

A thick textured mixed juice with a mango base, decorated with yellow peaches, pineapple, muscat and grosseilles.


The ice cream in Chorakukan coffee floats is not the standard vanilla ice cream, but black bean kinako ice cream. The nostalgic sweetness and savouriness of kinako enhances the flavour of the original iced coffee blend.

melon cream soda

Cream soda with a seductive detail is a drink born in Japan. Light green soda water with a burst of carbonation and added melon juice is lavishly finished with milky vanilla ice cream, smooth cream and fresh local melon pulp.

White peach mixed juice

A white peach sherbet with aloe and lychee. It has a delightfully crisp texture and a refreshing, fruity taste with the sweetness of peaches.

lemon squash

Homemade syrup made from local lemon juice is mixed with soda water and gently garnished with bubbles of carbonated syrup created by espuma. The melting bubbles and light scent of cinnamon evoke the summers of the Showa era.


Period: Saturday 1 June – Saturday 31 August 2024
Hours: 11:00-18:30 (18:00L.O.)

*Prices are inclusive of tax. A 10% service charge will be added.
Serving times are subject to change without notice based on availability of ingredients.
No reservations are accepted for the menu. Please note that the menu is available in limited quantities each day and we apologise for any shortages.



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Iide Town, Yamagata Prefecture] “Submerged Forest of Lake Shirakawa,” a Mysterious Spring-Only Scene 

The mysterious scenery of Lake Shirakawa in the town of Iide in southern Yamagata Prefecture can be seen only during two months in spring. In spring, a large amount of melt water flows into Lake Shirakawa from the Iide mountain range, one of Japan’s 100 most famous mountains, where there is heavy snowfall. When the lake is full of water, it creates a fantastic sight of white willow trees as if they are growing out of the water.



[Hoshinoya Tokyo] “New Year’s Kabuki Stay” brings the hospitality of an Edo Period theatrical teahouse to the present day.

Hoshinoya Tokyo, a Japanese-style inn located in Otemachi, Tokyo, will again this year host the “New Year Kabuki Stay” program, a two-day and one-night stay from January 5 to 26, 2024.
For people living in Edo, one of their New Year’s pleasures was to watch Kabuki, and it was a chic way to spend the New Year. Theatrical teahouses supported this way of enjoying Kabuki. In addition to arranging tickets to the theater, the teahouses delighted patrons by providing a complete range of services, including plot notes, tea, sweets, makunouchi box lunches, and snacks and drinks (*1). Hoshinoya Tokyo offers a stay to celebrate the New Year with hospitality similar to the theatrical teahouses of the time.

*1: Tomizawa, Yoshihide and Fujita, Yosuke (2012). The Latest Kabuki Dictionary. Kashiwa Shobo.




[Shinjuku Gyoen x Naked] NAKED Autumn Foliage in Shinjuku Gyoen 2023 to be held

From November 22 (Wed) to December 3 (Sun), 2023, an autumn foliage lighting event will be held at Shinjuku Gyoen. Following the cherry blossom event this spring, Shinjuku Gyoen and Naked will collaborate again this fall for the autumn foliage event. Shinjuku Gyoen, one of Tokyo’s most famous gardens, is one of the few places in the city where visitors can enjoy the autumn leaves. The 200-meter-long rows of plane trees, the best maple tree spot in the city, Momijiyama, and the “Middle Pond,” with its spectacular reflection in the pond, will offer a world where the autumn leaves of Shinjuku Gyoen and Naked’s art and food are fused together.

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