Henn na Hotel Kansai Airport Natural Hot Springs


“Henn na Hotel Kansai Airport” is close to the Kansai International Airport in the Kansai area, so that customers who use the airport can stay not only before departure but after returning to Japan, but also for customers who are staying in Osaka and the neighboring Kansai area. Convenient location for access.
You can get a panoramic view of Osaka Bay from guest rooms, natural hot springs, and restaurants. You can also see aircraft taking off and landing at Kansai International Airport. Two dinosaur robots corresponding to check-in are arranged on the front with the image of the sea, providing customers with excitement and excitement.

  • 10 minutes on foot from JR Kansai Airport Line and Nankai Electric Railway “Rinku Town Station”, 5 minutes from Hanshin Expressway No. 4 Wangan Line Izumisano South ramp exit
    1 station by car from Kansai International Airport, 15 minutes by car

    Free shuttle bus between hotel and Kansai International Airport

Advanced technology and robots are used to create not only a comfortable stay but also a highly entertaining space.

The hotel comes with a hot bath facility “Aqua Ignis Kansai Airport Quanzhou Hot Spring”.
The spring quality of the natural hot spring is a weakly alkaline simple hot spring, which is said to be “Beauty bath”. There are superb open-air baths and indoor baths overlooking Osaka Bay, and a mist sauna with a detox effect.

The Japanese restaurant “Ai kyomachibori rikyu” is supervised by Michelin-starred “Kyomachi Hori”. There is a superb view restaurant overlooking Osaka Bay from the table seats on the window side, and there is a private room that is ideal for special occasions. There is a Japanese buffet for breakfast, a menu that you can enjoy casually, such as gourds, rice cakes, and noodles for lunch, and a la carte for dinner.

About Henn na Hotel Kansai Airport

Location: Osaka Prefecture Izumi-Sano Rinkuouraikita 1-23
Parking: 40 regular cars, 1 handicapped, 2 large cars

Free shuttle bus between hotel and Kansai International Airport




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