Rediscovering the charm at a local hot spring inn, a safe trip- “Spring micro tourism”


Hoshino Resorts’ small-scale hot spring inns “Kai Anjin,” “Kai Ito,” and “Kai Enshu,” located in Shizuoka Prefecture, are promoting “micro tourism” as a way of traveling during the With Corona period.

In contrast to “travel” that imagines a distant place or overseas, “micro tourism” that visits within a short distance allows you to feel attachment and find new favorites by touching the goodness of the land again, which has never been seen before. You can enjoy a journey full of awareness.

3 Stay at a safe hot spring inn where dense avoidance and hygiene management are thoroughly carried out, through a kaiseki meal using ingredients familiar to the locals, and hospitality such as “local music” held at each facility every day , You can spend a day rediscovering your hometown. In addition, in order to promote casual use, we will also sell a “local limited plan” limited to Shizuoka citizens and a “single hot spring rest plan” that will make your stay alive.

Highlights of micro tourism to 3 facilities in the world

~ Spring 2021 ~
1. Spring hospitality
2. Local music “Blue-eyed Samurai Journey (Kai Anjin)” “Tsubaki Oil Making (Kai Ito)”
“Handed tea experience (Kai Enshu)”
3. Local room “Adams Minato no Ma (Kai Anjin)” “Izu Kakei no Ma (Kai Ito)”
“Enshu Tsumugi no Ma (Kai Enshu)”
4. A dish of kaiseki cuisine

KAI Anjin Highlights

1. Spring hospitality
■ “Otsuna Hanami Journey” to admire the history of Izu and the cherry blossoms at night

Matsukawa, one of the eight scenic spots of Izu, flows right next to KAI Anjin, and in the spring you can enjoy the cherry blossoms that bloom along the river while listening to the murmuring. In addition, the area near the mouth of the river is said to have been built by the British navigator Anjin Miura, who is the origin of the facility name, in Japan’s first Western-style sailing ship.

Walk around Matsukawa with the staff of KAI Anjin and enjoy the cherry blossoms at night while learning about the history of Izu. After the walk, a tea set will be prepared in the guest room in connection with the needle. You can spend a relaxing time while admiring the calm sea view.

Period: March 29-April 12, 2021
Price: 44,000 yen ~ (1 person when using 1 room for 2 people, service fee included, tax not included), / Limited to 1 group per day
Included: Imagine a picnic hamper that is popular in England, the home country of William Adams.
Antique tea set, tea and 3 cupcakes, accommodation, evening breakfast
* Tea cups and pots can be rented
Reservation: Book 5 days in advance on the official website

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Special Kaiseki “Bouillabaisse of spiny lobster and red sea bream”

Izu area with abundant seafood. KAI Anjin offers a bouillabaisse for special spring banquet dishes. Ingredients include spiny lobster, red sea bream, and clams. It is a dish that allows you to fully enjoy the taste of soup stock and the taste of fish.

2. Local music “Blue-eyed samurai travelogue”

An English navigator, William Adams, who built Japan’s first Western-style sailing ship in Ito, known as the “blue-eyed samurai.” KAI Anjin performs a short movie “Blue-eyed Samurai Journey” every day, which conveys the era of the needles and the wisdom of navigation at that time.

You can listen to the romantic stories such as how the needles came to Japan and the shipbuilding of the “San Buena Ventura”, and you can think of the distant countries and the old days.

3. Local room “Adams Minato no Ma”

All 45 rooms have ocean views. Each room is decorated with artwork related to the ship. The artwork that incorporates the rudders and paddles that were once used in voyages arouses the romance of voyages. You can spend time while looking at the ocean in front of you.

4. One dish of kaiseki cuisine, “Menchi-katsu Nanbanzuke”

We have transformed the locally popular “Menchi-katsu” into a figure suitable for kaiseki cuisine. We added grated long thighs to chopped sardines and surimi to make it softer. After frying in oil, you can enjoy the sweet and sour flavor by soaking it in a special Nanbanji (sweet and sour sauce) with flavored vegetables. It is a dish that you can enjoy the charm of the new “Menchi-katsu”, which is well-soaked in Nanban.

Kai Ito highlights

1. Spring hospitality
■ “Otsuna Hanami Journey” to enjoy the cherry blossoms and the sea in a quiet precinct

Chozenji Temple, located on the hills of Usami, Ito City, is a hidden attraction in the city where you can enjoy seasonal flowers. Overlooking Sagami Bay from the open precincts, there is a blue sea beyond the pink cherry blossoms, and you can enjoy a beautiful view.

You can enjoy cherry blossom viewing while listening to the chirping of small birds in the quiet precincts and forgetting the hustle and bustle of the day.

Period: March 20th-April 7th, 2021
Price: 39,000 yen ~ (1 person when using 1 room for 2 people, service fee included, tax not included) / Limited to 1 group per day
Included: “Sakura leaf mochi” using Sakura leaves, which is popular in Izu, Sakura leaf tea, water bottle, hot water drink,
Accommodation, evening breakfast * Water bottles and hot water drinks can be rented
Reservation: Book 7 days in advance on the official website

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2. Local music “Tsubaki oil making”

In the Ito area, which has a warm climate and is suitable for growing camellias, you can enjoy many camellia flowers in winter. Camellia oil squeezed from the seeds of camellia has been popular for food and medicinal purposes, and for hair and skin care since the Edo period.

Camellia oil is actively produced in Izu Oshima, which is close to the Izu region. At Kai Ito, you can experience this traditional camellia oil making and take it home in a bottle.

3. Local room “Izu Kakei no Ma”

All the guest rooms in the hotel are the local rooms “Izu Kakei no Ma” designed with the theme of the flowers of the four seasons of Izu. At the entrance of the guest room, you will be greeted by the work “Sunbeams andon” that expresses the 24 solar terms created in cooperation with a local paper-cutting artist. The alcove decoration also has a setting that expresses seasonal flowers, and you can see the view of the courtyard where you can feel the four seasons through the window.

The “Flower Calendar Screen”, which weaves the changes of the four seasons using threads dyed from flowers and tree branches by a local dyer, is also a highlight of the room.

4. Kaiseki cuisine with a tip “Ashitaba and shellfish wasabi new summer orange jelly”

Using the local familiar Ashitaba, New Summer Orange, we will offer a dish that brings out new charm. Wasabi was added to the combination of auspicious ingredients of Ashitaba, which was once considered to be an elixir of immortality and longevity, and Akanishi, a snail that is said to make a wish come true.

New summer orange with a refreshing sourness, which is a typical example of Izu citrus, is made into a soft jelly so that it is well entwined with the ingredients, and the whole is mixed well and tasted.

Kai Enshu highlights

1. Spring hospitality
■ “Otsuna Hanami Journey” to spend a spring time while looking at the tea plantations

At “Tsumugi Tea Plantation” where tea plants and Enkianthus perulatus are planted, you can enjoy cherry blossom viewing while watching the pretty flowers along with the scenery of the tea plantation spreading in front of Lake Hamana. You can spend a relaxing time with the jasmine-based gorgeous scented tea “Kaori Fujieda”, your favorite tea selected from the tea cellar, and sweets related to the tea.

From the first half of April to the first half of May, two types of azaleas, Enkianthus perulatus and Kurume azalea, bloom in “Tsumugi Tea Field”.

Period: April 10th to May 14th, 2021
Price: 39,000 yen ~ (1 person when using 1 room for 2 people, service fee included, tax not included) / Limited to 2 rooms per day
Included: Kai Enshu original tea set, tea canister, tea confectionery packed in a tea box
Fragrant tea “Kaori Fujieda”, one kind of tea of your choice from the tea cellar, accommodation, evening breakfast
Reservation: Book 5 days in advance on the official website

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2. Local music
“Flower-scented tea experience”

In the olden days, cherry-blossom viewing was not about admiring the appearance of flowers, but about enjoying the incense of flowers. Following that custom, you can experience the warm feeling of spring through the Enshu-style cherry blossom viewing, where you can compare three types of gorgeous scented tea.
Period: March 1st to May 24th, 2021

“New tea tasting tea experience”

The best feature of new tea is that it stores umami in the harsh winter cold and contains a refreshing scent of young leaves. You can taste the difference by comparing the delicious new tea with the tea harvested in summer or autumn.
Period: May 25-June 30, 2021

3. Local room “Enshu Tsumugi no Ma”

In KAI Enshu, all guest rooms feature the traditional craft “Mentsumugi” that has been handed down from the Edo period to Hamamatsu. Furnishings such as shoji screens, lampshades, and cushions made by “Warmth Studio”, which continues to make rare textiles, give the guest rooms a colorful and warm atmosphere. It is also a feature that you can enjoy the view of Lake Hamana from all rooms.

4. One-of-a-kind kaiseki meal “Unagi and avocado with wasabi”

The vinegared eel with cucumber, which is popular locally, goes very well and is called “Uzaku”. In Kai Enshu, eel kabayaki and lightly pickled cucumber cut into cubes are combined with avocado, which is a vegetable material but has the same flavor and richness as eel. Add rice vinegar and wasabi to tighten the mellow taste. You can enjoy a taste that is different from the traditional “Uzaku”.

Recommended plan

1. Advantageous discount rate “local limited plan” to promote micro tourism

Period: On sale-July 21, 2021
Price: KAI Anjin 34,000 yen ~
Kai Ito 32,000 yen ~
Kai Enshu from 32,000 yen
(When 2 people use 1 room, service fee is included and tax is not included per person)
Included: Accommodation, evening breakfast (15% discount from regular plan)
Reservation: Accepted on the official website

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2. Relaxing stay at a hot spring inn “One person hot spring rest plan”

Period: March 1, 2021 ~
Price: KAI Anjin 14,000 yen ~
Kai Ito 15,000 yen ~
Kai Enshu from 14,000 yen
(When using one room per person, service fee included and tax not included)
Included: Accommodation, breakfast, local snacks and local sake
Reservation: Book on the official website

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Highest level corona countermeasure declaration

[1] Hygiene management
At Hoshino Resorts, as part of our corona measures, we take the following measures in consideration of our customers’ health and public health.
・ Temperature measurement at check-in
・ In addition to normal guest room cleaning, cleaning and wiping with alkaline electrolyzed water inside the hotel
・ Alcohol for sterilization is installed in various places in the building
・ Rubbing alcohol for hand disinfection is installed in all guest rooms
・ Alcohol disinfection of fingers for all customers when entering the restaurant
・ High-temperature cleaning of tableware (plates, glasses) and cutlery (80 degrees or higher), disinfection cleaning of meal trays
・ Install partitions such as panels and vinyl sheets on the front
・ Wear a mask when serving customers in the hall
・ Thorough management of staff health and hygiene (temperature measurement and record confirmation before going to work)
・ Humidifiers that maintain a humidity of 40% or more are installed in all guest rooms (excluding facilities in Hoshinoya Tokyo and Okinawa Prefecture).
・ QR code of menus in restaurants (all facilities of the world brand)

[2] 3 Dense avoidance
We take the following measures to create a stay that avoids the three “denseness” of closed, dense, and close.
・ The degree of congestion in the large communal bath can be seen on a smartphone.
・ Restrictions on admission and entry in places where congestion is confirmed during your stay
・ Dinner breakfast is served at the restaurant in a semi-private room (Kai * excluding some facilities)
・ Manage the congestion status of restaurants and decentralize entry times
・ At the time of check-out front payment, entry restrictions will be implemented as appropriate
・ Check-in support in guest rooms (Hoshinoya / Kai)
・ Deployment of CO2 (carbon dioxide) concentration measuring instruments in public spaces
・ Thorough ventilation according to the design of the building, such as natural ventilation and mechanical ventilation

>[Hoshino Resort] Corona measures summary

Hoshino Resorts World
Japan’s first hot spring inn brand developed by Hoshino Resorts nationwide. We offer spaces and services that pursue Japaneseness and comfort. It features “local music” that expresses the charm of the area, which is the real pleasure of traveling, and “local room” where you can experience the local culture throughout your stay. On January 29, 2021, the 17th facility, “Kai Kirishima,” opened in Kirishima Onsen, Kagoshima Prefecture.
>Hoshino Resorts World



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A service has been launched that provides tourist information in two languages, Japanese and English, such as the cityscape, Japanese heritage, and sake breweries that retain the remnants of the Edo period, which is representative of Hida Takayama. The audio guide can also be enjoyed at the “Hida Takayama 7 Kuranonbei Festival,” which is currently being held while taking measures against corona.



The famous gofuru “Kamakura Half Moon” from a long-established Japanese sweets shop will be delivered regularly.

Kamakura’s long-established Japanese sweets shop “Kamakura Goro Main Store” will start subscription! “Kamakura Half Moon” is a very popular sweet that has won the number one order for 16 consecutive years on the sweets mail order site “Paku to Mog”. It is a representative confectionery that is loved so much that it is called “Half Moon” in the local area of Kamakura. From that “Kamakura Half Moon”, the “Kamakura Half Moon Plenty of Regular Flight” that arrives regularly was born.
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Our shop is produced by “Atami Pudding”, which is said to be the forerunner of the Atami sweets boom, and we will deliver a lot of retro cute “new sensation cheesecake” unique to Atami.



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The Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro Main Store is now offering a wide range of products to enjoy cherry blossom viewing as the cherry blossoms are about to bloom. At the “SAKURA Festival” held on the food floor from Thursday, March 18, 2021, We sell Tobu limited lunch boxes, hors d’oeuvres, and sweets that are spring-like. In addition, we are developing items that produce cherry blossom viewing, such as tableware with the image of cherry blossoms and bonsai of cherry blossoms.
Continuing from last year, this year as well, it is still difficult to enjoy cherry blossom viewing outside due to the corona virus. Therefore, at our shop, we are focusing on developing products that let you feel the arrival of spring at “Jenaka Cherry Blossom Viewing”.



Lunch where you can enjoy spring ingredients at a famous cherry blossom spot that represents Kyoto

Continuing from last year, due to the influence of Corona, events related to cherry blossoms have been canceled and admission to famous places has been restricted, and the opportunity to enjoy the seasonal feeling unique to spring with loved ones has been lost. In order to spend time with such an important person, we have prepared seats that allow you to enjoy the arrival of spring with all five senses, enjoy cherry blossom viewing, and enjoy Japanese and Western cuisine that inherits the spirit of tea kaiseki.
Please enjoy the Japanese-Western eclectic course using plenty of spring ingredients, along with the view of the nationally designated scenic garden “Kamien” where the cherry blossoms, which are famous as a famous spot for red weeping in Kyoto, bloom.

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