Experience Aizu’s summer festival culture “Akabeko Summer Festival” held


In Aizu, summer festivals are held in various places from July to mid-September, stalls are lined up, and Aizu Bandai is danced. This summer festival is called “Ohiichi”, and it is said that the oldest ones have been going on for over 400 years.
“Hoshino Resort Bandaisan Onsen Hotel” will hold “Akabeko Summer Festival” where you can enjoy the culture of Aizu.

A stall where you can enjoy Aizu culture

At the Akabeko Summer Festival, there are many food stalls where you can enjoy Aizu culture. Children and adults can enjoy stalls with the theme of Aizu’s local toys such as Akabeko shooting, Akabeko sun visor, and mask making, and “cotton candy making” using local candy.

Akabeko shooting

It is a shooting using a rubber gun in the shape of a red beetle. In terms of shooting, “Okiagari Koboshi” and “Tenjin-sama” are drawn, and you can know the local toys of Aizu.

■ One time 182 yen (tax and service charge not included)

Akabeko sun visor / mask making

It is an experience of making a sun visor and a mask that can be completely red.

■ Free

Cotton candy making

It is a cotton candy making using local candy made in the Aizu area. You can make cotton candy by choosing your favorite candy such as “Aizuyama salt candy” or “Ichiame”.

■ One time 182 yen (tax and service charge not included)

"Aizu Bandaisan" dancing while looking at Mt. Bandai at an outdoor venue

The folk song “Aizu Bandaisan” is an arrangement of the song that has been sung as “Bon Odori” for a long time, with the addition of Hayashi words. They dance in a circle with light shouts such as “choisa” and “enya”. At the finale of the festival, a local folk singer will sing and perform live music on the yagura set up at the venue. The guest dances around the yagura while looking at Mt. Bandai that appears in the lyrics.

"Uchiwa making" that is indispensable for dancing

Aizu-related stamps such as Akabeko and Okiagari-koboshi are stamped on the plain uchiwa to create an original uchiwa.

■ Free

Lending a matching happi coat for parents and children

We will lend you an original happi coat with a red beko drawn on it. Happi coats are also available for children, and you can participate in matching costumes for parents and children, which will make you feel like a festival.

■ Free

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