Appreciate ice fog and snowy mountains Enjoy the spectacular winter scenery of Hokkaido at “Hoshino Resort Tomamu”


At Hoshino Resort Tomamu, one of the largest stay-type snow resorts in Hokkaido, we will open the “Rime Terrace” during the period when you can enjoy the spectacular view of ice fog and snowy mountains. Drinks and lights will be served at the cafe.

What is Unkai Terrace?

The Rime Terrace is located at an altitude of 1,088 meters on Mt. Tomamu, and is a terrace where you can enjoy the spectacular view created by the rime that adheres to the trees. In the night rime illumination that started in 2017, the white rime trees that emerge under the light give a fantastic view that is different from the daytime.

Enjoy the spectacular view of the snowy mountains with rime from the renewed observation deck

The blue sky on a clear and sunny day and the pure white snowy mountains with hoarfrost are a spectacular view unique to cold regions. The observation deck, which was renewed on August 4, 2021, has a structure that protrudes into the snowy mountains, so you can see the hoarfrost up close.

In the morning when the temperature is low, you can see glittering diamond dust, and you can enjoy the spectacular view of the rime even more. The probability of rime on this terrace is about 70% (* 1), and you can appreciate it with a high probability throughout the season.

* 1 Average rate of hoarfrost on the hoarfrost terrace (according to our resort survey in 2020/21)

Offering new sweets rime chocolate with the image of rime [New]

At Cloud Cafe, we offer chocolates with the image of hoarfrost trees. A twig-shaped chocolate with coconut and alazan to express the sparkle of hoarfrost. Milk jam made from Tomamu milk (* 2) is used inside.

* 2 Milk squeezed from cows raised in the resort’s farm area


Illuminated hoarfrost at night

For a limited time, the trees around the observation spot “Cloud Bar”, which is the image of an observation deck and bar counter, will be lit up. The sight of the hoarfrost lit by the light and the entire white trees emerging is a spectacular view that can only be seen at night.

You can enjoy the beauty of hoarfrost that is different from the daytime. On the observation deck, you can enjoy the fantastic view of the illuminated hoarfrost below.

Overview of "Unkai Terrace"

Period: December 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022
Price: Gondola round-trip fee Adults 2,200 yen, elementary school students 1,300 yen (both including tax)
* Free for The Tower and RISONARE Tomamu guests
Rime chocolate 1,000 yen (tax included, limited quantity)
Time: [December 1-25, 2021]
9:00-15:00 (last boarding at the foot of the gondola station), 15:30 (last boarding at the top of the gondola)
Cloud Cafe 15:00 (last order)
[December 26, 2021-March 31, 2022]
9:00-15:30 (last boarding at the foot of the gondola station), 16:00 (last boarding at the top of the gondola)
Cloud Cafe 15:30 (last order)
Target: Available for both overnight guests and day-trippers
Remarks: Depending on the weather conditions, hoarfrost may not occur or business may be suspended.

Rime light up

Period: December 1-25, 2021
Time: 16:30-18:00 (last boarding at the foot of the gondola station), 18:30 (last boarding at the top of the gondola)
Cloud Cafe 18:30 (last order)

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Uchina Stay Report vol.11: “Time slip in the Sanzan period ~ Gosamaru’s castle and pine trees ~”

It’s been almost a year since I moved to Okinawa. It reminds me of the wind that was blowing a year ago and the cold air that is heading for winter.

“Can we do it in Okinawa?”

“What is the difference between the people of Okinawa and me?”

At first, I lived with such anxiety and curiosity. However, as I interacted with various people, my anxiety gradually disappeared.

It was encouraging that “people of various nationalities and Japanese people other than Okinawa live in Okinawa”.

One of the major reasons is that it was known that “Okinawa had a history of interaction with various different cultures.”

Then, I respected the differences in customs and words as “differences”, and while I was touching on the culture I was trying to keep, I came to think that “different things are natural” and “different things are okay”.

By the way, this time it is 600 years back in time. Introducing the world heritage site “Zakimi Castle Ruins” in Yomitan Village, central Okinawa Island, which is said to have been built during the Sanzan period.

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