Christmas at the Grand Auberge in the forest [Hiramatsu Hotel]


The Christmas season for the first time, “THE HIRAMATSU Miyota Karuizawa,” which opened in March this year.
From apéritif around the bonfire to French Christmas dinner. “THE HIRAMATSU Miyota Karuizawa” will deliver a variety of food enjoyments.

Surround the bonfire, open your five senses and apéritif

Beverage car that appeared this winter

Surrounded by abundant nature, “THE HIRAMATSU Miyota Karuizawa” proposes “Table Nature” where you can enjoy food with your five senses more open than usual in the extraordinary outdoor space. The “TAKIBI Lounge”, where you can easily enjoy the concept in each of the four seasons, has been equipped with cold weather equipment and updated to winter specifications.

A beverage car has also been introduced in the lounge, and the menu that can be offered is enhanced more than ever. In addition to the sommelier’s special hot wine and sangria, which are popular as aperitifs before dinner, the chef’s special warm soup, quiche, and canelé are newly introduced.

We also have hot chocolate and marshmallows that will please children, and we offer all menus free of charge. In addition, a warm stove is also provided inside the star shade (tent) to create an environment where you can enjoy the bonfire in winter.

After the bonfire, enjoy French cuisine in the elegant main dining

Main dining "Le Grand Lis"

After opening your senses in the bonfire lounge, enjoy authentic French cuisine in the main dining area. A full-course menu centered on fresh and body-friendly ingredients from Miyota and Shinshu, where chef Akio Yanagihara is particular about.

We recommend the “Christmas Dinner” plan, which combines ingredients from Shinshu with high-end French ingredients. This special plan includes Perrier-Jouët champagne “Bell Epoch” or wine pairing, which is suitable for a spectacular seasonal dining table. After meals, a chef pastry chef’s special Christmas cake is also included, which is an accommodation plan unique to the Christmas season.

After dinner, spend a bar time while being healed by the flames of the fireplace in the dining room on the 5th floor, or relax in the semi-open-air hot spring baths in all guest rooms, and the blissful time continues until the next day.

◇ With Christmas dinner ◇ ~ THE HIRAMATSU Christmas spent in Miyota, Karuizawa ~

Meals: Breakfast available / Supper available
Price: 80,100 yen ~ (when using 2 adults, 1 room per person)
*Prices include consumption tax.

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