[Hoshinoya Okinawa] Opened “Yugafu Kitchen” where you can learn about Okinawan food culture


“Hoshinoya Okinawa” will open “Yugafu Kitchen” on March 1, 2022. This is a project to provide an opportunity to learn and enjoy the unique Okinawan food culture that has been passed down since the Ryukyu dynasty.
Located in the facility of Hoshinoya Okinawa, this facility features a red tile roof, large windows through which the sea breeze can escape, and an adjacent lush kitchen garden.

Okinawan food culture

Since the Ryukyu Kingdom era, Okinawa, which has had wide-ranging diplomatic relations with China and Southeast Asian countries, Korea and Japan, has achieved its own development under the influence of various countries regarding food. “Ryukyu cuisine” is divided into two types of dishes that support Okinawan food culture. “Court cuisine” made to entertain guests from each country during the Ryukyu Kingdom era, and “common people’s cuisine” eaten by the general public.

Both dishes have different charms and have been carefully handed down to the present day. The background to Okinawa becoming a longevity prefecture is the idea of using food obtained from nature as an ingredient without waste, and the idea of the same source of medicine and food, such as “Kusimun (medicine)” and “Nuchigusui (medicine of life)”. As one of them, there is a great deal of interest.

A cooking program to participate in an open space where the sea breeze can escape

Yugafu Kitchen is a one-story building with a red tile roof in the facility of Hoshinoya Okinawa. The large windows allow a pleasant breeze to blow through the ocean in front of you. The room has a spacious work space and a kitchen with an oven and cooking heater, allowing you to participate in cooking programs in an open space.

Adjacent to the kitchen garden where herbs and vegetables that are popular in Okinawa grow

Adjacent to the kitchen garden is where the herbs and vegetables that are popular in Okinawa grow. Okinawan cuisine incorporates many ingredients that are unfamiliar in other regions. In the kitchen garden, you can observe the actual growth of plants and enjoy the freshly picked aroma, so you can deepen your understanding of ingredients that are deeply related to Okinawa’s food culture.

Enjoy the dishes finished in a private dining room overlooking the greenery

Cooked dishes can be enjoyed in the private dining room in the Yugafu Kitchen. There is a large wooden dining table that can accommodate up to 10 people, and you can relax and enjoy your meal while admiring the greenery of the kitchen garden.

With the concept of “rest to be absorbed in”, each facility offers an overwhelming extraordinary theme with an original theme, “Hoshinoya”. At each facility located in Japan and overseas, the local climate, history, and culture are woven into hospitality to enrich the staying time, freeing visitors from the daily flow of time and taking them to a special extraordinary place.

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Hoshinoya Taketomi Island, located on Taketomi Island where beautiful nature and good old culture are alive, will celebrate its 10th anniversary on June 1, 2022. We will continue to walk with the island by valuing the basic spirit of the island listed in the “Taketomi Island Charter” and providing an experience where you can experience the natural environment and traditional culture.

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