“Kifune no Kawadoko”, a summer tradition, and “Kibune〈Kawadoko〉Lunch Ticket”, where you can enjoy visiting Kibunesou Shrine


Eizan Electric Railway Co., Ltd. will sell a ticket that includes a ticket for the Eizan train, Kyoto bus, a water fortune lottery at Kifune Shrine, and a lunch ticket that can be used at one of the participating stores in the Kifune Ryokan district.
Please take this opportunity to enjoy the cuisine of Kifune’s restaurant, which is famous as the Okuzashiki of Kyoto.

Outline of "Kibune〈Kawadoko〉Lunch Ticket"

period: From May 20th (Fri) – June 30th (Thu), 2022 6,900yen
July 1st (Fri) – August 31st (Wed), 2022 9,900yen
period: Your favorite day during each release period
Release location: Demachiyanagi Station, Kansai Tourist Information Center Kyoto (KT)
What is included: ・Eizan Electric Railway 1 day free on all lines (between Demachiyanagi Station and Yase-Hieizanguchi Station / Kurama Station)
・Kyoto Bus Kibune Line 1 day free (between Eizan Kibuneguchi station square bus stop and Kibune bus stop)
・Kibune Shrine: One water fortune-telling lottery, a gift of worship
・Lunch at Kibune Ryokan Town Kawadoko (with 1 soft drink service)
《Available restaurants》
Period 1: Hirobun, Kibunejaya, Kiraku, Fujiya, Beniya, Kokon Fujiya
Period: Hirobun, Ugenta・Sagenta, Kibune Chaya, Torii Chaya Shinan, Kiraku, Fujiya, Beniya, Kokon Fujiya

*The contents of the dishes vary depending on each restaurant.
*Business hours and business days of each restaurant are different. Please check before using. You can also make your own reservation.
(The business hours of each restaurant will be announced in pamphlets, etc.)
*Please note that except for some stores, it is limited to use by 2 or more people.
*For safety reasons, you may not be able to eat on the riverbed when it rains, floods, or an alarm is issued. In that case, please note that the meal will be served in the hall.



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