[Hotel Gajoen Tokyo] A frosty ghost story art and a sustainable bamboo light that illuminates the future are now available “Wa no Akari x Hundred Stages 2022 ~ Light and Shadow / Hyakumonogatari ~”


The art illumination “Wa no Akari x Hundred Steps 2022 ~ Light and Shadow / Hyakumonogatari ~” will be held at the Tokyo-designated tangible cultural property “Hundred Stages” in Hotel Gajoen Tokyo, a museum hotel of Japanese beauty.

With the theme of “Light and Shadow / Hyakumonogatari”, you can enjoy the shadow created by light and the contrast between two different elements. In each room, there will be an exhibition of 100 stories (ghost stories) suitable for summer, and as you move forward, you will be able to experience more stories.

At the introduction section, which leads to the cultural property “Hundred Stages”, which is the exhibition venue, you will be greeted by the charming expression of goldfish lanterns and the sound of cool wind chimes. At each venue, there are various concept lights such as lighting that casts shadows like art, sustainable bamboo lights that reuse abandoned bamboo grove, and Kabuki lights that express ghost stories, and the shadows created by them. Ghosts and youkai look into the world.

Yanai Goldfish Lantern Festival (Yamaguchi)
Casting, brass wind chimes, Nousaku (Toyama)

Akari art to enjoy the shadows

Kumiko work / Yamakawa joinery
Lighting artist Yasuhito Genma
Glass lamp, Iroita Kobo

Hyakumonogatari ・ What lies ahead ...

One of the traditional Japanese ghost story styles, “Hyakumonogatari,” is said to reveal a real mystery after the 100th story. The number of youkai and ghosts that can be seen and hidden from Akari Art increases as you climb the stairs. What is waiting for the room after climbing all the stairs?

Yokai Lantern, Gonjiro Ito Shoten + CRAFCULT
Artist, Yasumaro Ozawa
Paper-cutting artist Naomi Matsukaze

A collection of cultures and techniques from all over Japan

Kaminahabi-Echigo Nagaoka-・ Daiichi Printing Co., Ltd. (Niigata)
D knit lighting, ThinKniT (Kagawa)

Sustainable bamboo light

Bamboo light by “Akarinova” was born to solve the serious environmental problems caused by abandoned bamboo grove. At the end, it becomes bamboo charcoal and bamboo chips, which fertilize the soil in the fields. While exploring beauty, we supported the efforts of exhibitors, who are naturally circulating, and cooperated with this exhibition.

Online limited admission ticket

① [Limited quantity] Feel Lab “Bonfire + relaxing people (2 people)” included ¥ 6,380

② [Limited quantity] Edo wind chime with “Hitotsume Kobo” ¥ 3,600

③ [Limited quantity] Odawara / Kashiwagi Museum of Art Casting Research Institute with “Mayoke Neko Suzu” ¥ 1,870

④ [Specify date] [Capacity system] Limited number of people special ticket ¥ 3,000
⑤ [Early Discount] Purchase limited until July 1st (Friday), Early Discount Online Ticket ¥ 1,200

* All prices include tax.
* All photos are images.

"Wa no Akari x Hundred Stages 2022 ~ Light and Shadow / Hyakumonogatari ~" Outline

Period: From Saturday, July 2, 2022 to Sunday, September 25, 2022
Time: 11: 30-18: 00 (last admission 17:30) * Until 17:00 on Saturday, August 20 (last admission 16:30)
Venue: Hotel Gajoen Tokyo Tokyo-designated tangible cultural property “Hundred Stages”
Price: Same-day ticket ¥1,500 / Student ¥800 (student card required) / Preschoolers free
Sale: Hotel Gajoen Tokyo (general admission ticket) / Official online ticket (general admission ticket, with goods)
TEL: 03-5434-3140 (Event planning 10:00-18:00)

>”Wa no Akari x Hundred Stages 2022 ~ Light and Shadow / Hyakumonogatari ~”



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