【Yokosuka City Kurihama Flower Country】The cosmos blooming season will begin with approximately 1 million cosmos trees.


Kurihama Hananokuni will hold the “Cosmos Festival” from September 10 (Sat) to October 30 (Sun), 2022, in conjunction with the cosmos blooming season. At this site, a total of eight varieties of cosmos, from early to late bloomers, are managed so that they bloom one after another, allowing visitors to appreciate them over a long period of time.

The highlight of the "Cosmos Garden" in KURUHAMA HANA NO KUNI is the blooming relay of eight varieties!

"Lemon Bright" at its best *Photo taken September 7, 2022.

The first flowers to reach their peak are the bright yellow vitamin color “Lemon Bright” and the warm colors “Rhode Scarlet”, “Sunny Red” and “Diabolo”.

Sensation," featuring large, single-petaled flowers in red, pink, white, etc.

Sensation,” “Picotee,” and “Hinomaru-MIX,” which are the most popular pink and white mixed cosmos with the most cosmos-like colors, are expected to be at their best from early October. Since they are planted in the largest area in the center of the cosmos garden, they will be the most popular attraction.

After that, “Yellow Campus,” a clear and bright yellow color, is expected to be at its best at the top of the cosmos garden from mid-October.

The cosmos garden at Yokosuka City Kurihama Hananokuni is characterized by its gentle slopes, where approximately 1 million cosmos flowers spread all over the landscape. Planting staff members carefully manage the cosmos garden, including pruning, to ensure that eight varieties of cosmos bloom one after another, so that visitors can enjoy the cosmos flowers from early September to late October.

About the blooming season

From early September: Lemon Bright, Road Scarlet, Sunny Red, Diabolo
From early October: Sensation, Picote, Hinomaru/MIX
From mid-October: Yellow Campus
*Times may change due to weather, etc.

*The latest flowering information will be announced on the park website and SNS.
>Yokosuka City Kurihama Flower Country Official Site

The popular "Free Cosmos Flower Picking Contest" is held at the end of the viewing season.

On October 29 (Sat.) and 30 (Sun.), the last two days of the season, we will hold our popular annual free flower-picking contest. The event will start at 2:00 p.m. with a countdown. Please bring your own flower picking tools and bags to take home.
Flower picking sets containing scissors, military gloves, newspapers, etc. will be available for sale.

Date: October 29th (Sat) and 30th (Sun), 2022
*Cancelled in bad weather
Time: 14:00~16:00
Participation fee: Free
Venue: Cosmos Garden *Area setting available



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