A premium night event of “tradition and innovation” that fuses the important cultural property “Former Mitsui Family Shimogamo Villa” with NAKED’s digital art


From September 24th (Sat) to October 2nd (Sun), 2022, a premium night event of “NAKED GARDEN ONE KYOTO” will be held at the former Mitsui family Shimogamo villa in Kyoto, which is an important cultural property.

Former Mitsui Family Shimogamo Villa, one of the participating areas of “NAKED GARDEN ONE KYOTO”.
In addition to the lighting up of the old Mitsui family Shimogamo villa and the garden, which are usually closed to the public at night, you can stroll around the garden with NAKED’s infectious disease prevention art “NAKED Distance Lantern®”.
Disinfect your fingers with alcohol at “NAKED Tsukubai™️” where a projection mapping of flowers appears on the palm of your hand,
In addition, you can experience the participatory art “DANDELION PROJECT” that delivers Ryotaro Muramatsu / NAKED’s wish for peace, which is being held all over the world, and you can enjoy the former Mitsui family Shimogamo villa, which you can’t usually see.

NAKED Tsukubai™️

In addition, we offer “Ikebana” and “Tea ceremony” as traditional Japanese culture experiences. (Contents that can be experienced change depending on the day)
You can have a full-fledged experience while having fun in a small group experience by a young teacher who will be responsible for the next generation of Japanese culture.
Spend a relaxing early autumn in Kyoto in a small group in an extraordinary space, such as cultural experiences, participatory light art works, and the history of important cultural property buildings.

NAKED Distance Lanterns®
Duration: September 24th (Sat) – October 2nd (Sun), 2022
*Closed on September 28th
Hours of Operation: 17:30〜20:30
Reservations for cultural experiences are divided into two parts. Please come by the time of your reservation.
You can enjoy walking in the garden even outside the experience time.

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