[Nara/ Monzen-juku WAQOO Horyuji Temple] An accommodation plan where you can fully enjoy the rich autumn taste “Matsutake” is now available


“WAQOO Project” is a temple lodging business that leads to regional revitalization.
WAQOO Horyuji is an accommodation facility located 30 seconds from the World Heritage Horyuji Temple.
Here, from September 15, 2022, we are selling an accommodation plan where you can enjoy Matsutake Kaiseki(Matsutake mushroom dishes), which uses plenty of “Matsutake”, the king of autumn tastes.

Supervised by “Kandagawa”, founded by Toshiro Kandagawa, an iron chef of Japanese cuisine who took the world by storm with “flowers and water, love for people, food is heart”.
It is a plan where you can enjoy matsutake mushrooms, which are synonymous with the taste of autumn, to your heart’s content.
Enjoy tempura with a crispy batter and soft texture of matsutake mushrooms, and dobin-mushi(steamed food) with a mellow aroma.
Enjoy matsutake mushrooms, one of the representative flavors of autumn, in various ways such as grilling, deep-frying, and steaming.

Plan contents

Matsutake Mushroom Kaiseki(Matsutake mushroom dishes)

Nara specialties such as Yamato tea porridge and boiled tofu

<”Horyuji Temple Tour” by the famous story department (guide)>
The storytellers, who are familiar with the highlights and history of Horyuji Temple, will tell you about the charm of Horyuji Temple from a different perspective than guidebooks and textbooks. Participation is limited to hotel guests.
(Starts at 9:00 a.m., takes about 2 hours, advance reservation required, free of charge)

<A special night to experience the history and culture of Nara [talk show]>
*This is a WAQOO original talk show program based on the concept of “I want to go to the temple tomorrow”.
You can enjoy it in a relaxed state while drinking alcohol and soft drinks.
(Starting around 17:00, maximum of 2 lectures, required time about 45 minutes per lecture, free participation, free of charge)
*Start time is subject to change. Please note.

Available Period: September 15, 2022 (Thursday) to November 14, 2022 (Monday)
Price: 1 room per night for 2 people, from 26,200 yen per person

>Monzenshuku WAQOO Horyuji Official Site



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