[Konica Minolta Planetaria YOKOHAMA] “Sound Sleep Planetarium -88 Constellations and Dream Worlds-” invites you to a dream world that melts into the galaxy


For three days only, from November 22 to 24, 2022, we will hold the event “Sound Sleep Pura Sleeptarium – 88 Constellations and the World of Dreams -” for adults who work hard every day to get a good night’s sleep by providing live commentary on constellations with a focus on how to fall asleep.

Sleeping with the 88 Constellations

The “Sound Sleep Planetarium” is an event held at planetariums nationwide around Labor Thanksgiving Day, November 23, and this will be the first time for Konica Minolta Planetarium to hold such an event.

At Planetaria YOKOHAMA, the staff will give live explanations of all 88 constellations that color the night sky, just like counting sheep one by one, focusing on “falling asleep” as if “melting into the galaxy. The constellations invite you to a “comfortable dream world” where you feel as if you are falling asleep.
How many constellations can you remember?

In a tipsy mood

At Planetaria YOKOHAMA, you can bring drinks purchased at the Cafe Planetaria, a café attached to the dome, into the dome. You can also enjoy the “Sound Sleep Planetarium” in a tipsy mood with an alcohol menu that is only available here.

We recommend the limited-time-only “Christmas Sangria” menu. The hot sangria with a slightly spicy flavor will warm you up while you enjoy the starry sky.

Original items for a good night's sleep at home

New for November, Dreaming Night is an original caffeine-free tea blended to help you have wonderful dreams. The tea has a sweet aroma of chamomile and dried apple and a beautiful blue night sky.

The aroma in the lobby of the hotel is “Aurora Scent,” an original aroma created in collaboration with the aroma brand “Tree of Life. It is a clean and clear aroma as if the goddess Aurora is wrapping you in the light of hope as you go about your busy day.

Before going to bed, please enjoy the continuation of the “Sound Sleep Pura Natarium” at home with a cup of tea and aroma that reminds you of the night sky.
Available at the attached store “Gallery Planetaria”.

"Sound Sleep Plastic Sleepingarium -88 Constellations and Dream Worlds"

Date: Tuesday, November 22nd to Thursday, November 24th, 2022
Online purchase start date: <member>
November 16 (Wed) 10:00-
November 17th (Thu) 10:00~
Time: Tuesday, November 22nd / Thursday, November 24th
[1st time] 18:15-19:00
[2nd time] 19:30-20:15
November 23 (Wed/holiday)
[1st time] 18:55-19:40
[2nd time] 20:10-20:55
Price: Premium seat/uniform 4,200 yen (up to 2 people over elementary school age)
General seat/uniform 1,600 yen

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