【Kai Alps】”Kamakura Ashiyu” (footbath in Kamakura) is now available to soak in and warm yourself.


On February 1, 2023, “kamakura footbath” will be opened at “Kai Alps,” an inn located in Omachi Onsenkyo, the gateway to the Alps, where guests can enjoy a footbath in a snow country hot spring.

Soaking in a footbath in a kamakura

A kamakura (a kind of snow-covered covered covered mound) will appear in the courtyard only in February, when the snow is falling. A space to enjoy footbaths inside the kamakura will be provided, allowing visitors to enjoy the kamakura in comfort while warming up without enduring the cold. By warming your feet in the hot spring while feeling the winter weather of Shinshu, you will be in a state of “head cold and feet warm,” which is said to be good for a good night’s sleep and good for your health.

Amazake from a local brewery where you can enjoy the natural sweetness of rice

We offer “Kurazukuri Amazake” made at Kitayasu Brewery, a sake brewery in Omachi City. This amazake is made exclusively from lavishly polished, home-grown sake rice koji, and has an elegant, delicate sweetness that is almost like a Japanese confectionery. You can warm your body from the core by taking a footbath while drinking warm amazake.

Bamboo lighting illuminates the snowy landscape fantastically

Gently enveloping the Kamakura are the lights of bamboo lanterns modeled after the Azumino Shinchiku Lantern Festival held locally every winter. Surrounded by the pristine landscape of the countryside, visitors can enjoy the warm glow of the bamboo lanterns without being disturbed by the surrounding lights.
You can spend a moment in the courtyard, where gentle lights emerge in the dark winter night, in a kamakura.

Duration: February 1-28, 2023
Price: 2,000 yen (tax included)
Includes: Kamakura footbath experience fee, amazake
Time: Three-part system: 18:00-18:45/19:00-19:45/20:00-20:45
Capacity: Up to 3 people per group
For: guest
Note: The experience may not be possible depending on the weather and kamakura conditions.
We will let you know at check-in.

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