[Kawagoe Prince Hotel] Weekend Koedo-Asobi Accommodation Plan with all the charms of Koedo is now on sale.


From December 2 (Fri) to March 24 (Fri), 2022, Kawagoe Prince Hotel will offer a 3-day/2-night stay plan, “Weekend Koedo Asobi: Bar & Kimono Rickshaw Experience”.

This plan is based on the concept of “A trip that is uniquely my own. With the concept of “Experience Koedo through the five senses,” the hotel will help you have a memorable Koedo experience while experiencing Kawagoe’s culture and entertainment. Check in on Friday night. The first thing to do is to start with a taste, the hotel bar experience. The bartender will serve you a cocktail tailored to your tastes in a quiet and relaxing atmosphere.

The next day, experience a rickshaw ride in kimono. Enjoy taking pictures in kimono while experiencing the history and culture of Kawagoe visually and aurally. For dinner, you will have the “Eel Gozen” at “Japanese Cuisine Musashino”. The savory aroma and the soft aroma of the broth will stimulate your sense of smell and allow you to fully enjoy the food of Kawagoe. Finally, tactile sensation, a relaxing bath time before bedtime with the fresh and elegant scent of bergamot and the comfortable temperature of the water.
Kawagoe Prince Hotel proposes a weekend trip to enjoy Koedo Kawagoe with all five senses.

Outline of “Weekend Koedo Asobi – Bar & Kimono Rickshaw Experience – Accommodation Plan”

Duration: Three days and two nights from Friday, December 2, 2022 to Friday, March 24, 2023
Price: From ¥36,816 per person (for 2 people per room)
Contents: 2 nights room charge, 1 cocktail (1st night only), breakfast, dinner (2nd night only), dressing, rickshaw tour (45 minutes)
TEL: 049‐227‐1118

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* Price includes 2-night room charge, 1 cocktail (1st night only), breakfast, dinner (2nd night only), kimono dressing, rickshaw tour (45 minutes), consumption tax and service charge.
* Courses are subject to change depending on circumstances.
(45-minute course: Depart from rental kimono store → Taisho-Roman Dream Street → Renkuji Temple → Kura-no-Machi → Teramachi Street → Toki no Kane → Inari Koji → Benten Yokocho → Arrive at the old private house photo studio)
* This tour may be cancelled in case of bad weather. In the event of cancellation, the hotel will contact you at least one day before the tour.
* The capacity of the rickshaw is 2 people. Please inform the hotel if you wish to share the rickshaw with children under elementary school age.
* Pregnant guests are only allowed to ride if they are in the stable period or later.
* The above information is current at the time of release (November 24) and is subject to change.
* The photo is for illustrative purposes only.



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