Developed “Yakitori Meal Kit” and “Toriyuki Original Yakitori” that you can enjoy at home


“High-class yakitori x world wine” The brand store “Toriyuki” of Tokyo Restaurants Factory Co., Ltd., which develops high-class yakitori in the Tokyo metropolitan area and New York, has “Yakitori meal kit” and “Toriyuki original” that you can enjoy drinking alone at home. We have developed “Yakitori”. By purchasing this product, you will be able to support brand chickens and producers who have lost their place due to the effects of the new coronavirus. We hope that you will be able to support the producers while enjoying high-class yakitori at home with stylish music and wine.

“Toriyuki”, which develops high-class yakitori in the Tokyo metropolitan area and New York, released “Yakitori Meal Kit” and “Toriyuki Original Yakitori” in June 2020, which you can enjoy drinking alone at home.

[Overview of products and services]
We will deliver the experience of inviting a chef to your home together with a meal kit that sets carefully selected local chickens and secret seasonings, and cooking utensils that can reproduce a first-class chef.
Local chicken meal kit and roasting set ¥ 6,600 ~
We also handle only local chicken skewers.

1: Undistributed brand chickens and special seasonings
The “Toriyuki Special Yakitori Meal Kit”, which uses rare parts of brand chicken that cannot be bought at supermarkets, is equipped with 5 kinds of condiments such as Toriyuki’s special sauce and Australian grilled salt that enhance the deliciousness of each part. The point is that you can customize it with the seasoning that suits your taste.
In addition, in order to reproduce the aroma of charcoal fire, we have developed various ideas such as developing “special charcoal oil” with the scent of charcoal so that everyone can enjoy “Toriyuki skewers” at home. We are elaborate.

2: Original baking table that does not generate smoke as much as possible
We have jointly developed a household electric grill with a manufacturer so that you can reproduce the skewers of “Toriyuki” at home. By adopting a stainless steel sheathed heater, the material is baked with far infrared rays and the fat from the material is repelled, thereby completing the “Toriyuki original household baking table” that does not generate as much smoke as possible when cooking at home. I did.
Since the baking table can be adjusted in two stages, you can try your own baking.

3: Video distribution of how to bake by a roaster
On YouTube, the griller of “Toriyuki” provides advice on how to grill skewers.
Please enjoy the authentic yakitori while watching the video.

>Veranding Toriyuki

[Future prospects]
Released from June Approximately 4000 original baking tables will be sold in a month and a half.
We aim to sell 10,000 units by the end of the year.
Every month, we will develop new local chicken products and sell them with equipment that can easily reproduce the menu handled by Toriyuki at home.



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