“Engiya”, which delivers “Today’s day for a little bit”, started a limited gift project for the summer of 2020!


The period is from July 23 (Thursday) to August 31 (Monday). With the increasing number of opportunities to eat at home, we started this gift project with the hope that we would like you to enjoy your meals even more using the vessels at the “Enkiya”.

Gatch Co., Ltd., a trading company that specializes in delivering traditional Japanese industries to more people, is limited to a limited period from July 23 (Thursday) to August 31 (Monday). We started a limited gift plan in the summer of 2020 to present “Shirakawa Seki no Soba” to customers who purchased more than 15,000 yen (tax excluded) at “Engiya)”.

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This summer, when you can't go out, you can enrich your summer meal with a curb shop and a famous soba in Shirakawa City, Fukushima Prefecture.

Corona’s epidemic, where the spread of infection does not subside, demands a “new lifestyle” and more opportunities to eat at home. Against this backdrop, we started the present gift project in the hope that we would like you to enjoy the food even more by using the “enkiya” vessels.

Customers who purchase 15,000 yen or more (excluding tax) during the period will receive “Shirakawa Seki no Soba”, a specialty of Shirakawa City, Fukushima Prefecture, which is one of the four major soba restaurants in Japan.

It is said that the origin of “Shirakawa Seki no Soba” was over 200 years ago. It became one of Shirakawa’s specialty after Shirakawa feudal lord Sadanobu Matsudaira encouraged the cultivation of buckwheat-resistant buckwheat during the famine era. The buckwheat noodles that have been created through repeated research have a rich flavor. In summer, it is recommended that you simply enjoy zaru soba.

Even on a day when you feel unwell, there is something that can change your everyday life, and you can enjoy it. We hope that you will be able to enrich your “home time” as much as possible by serving it in the “enkiya” bowl.

Shirakawa Seki near

Outline of the limited gift plan for summer 2020
Implementation period: Thursday, July 23-Monday, August 31
Contents: “Shirakawa Seki no Soba” will be presented to customers who purchase 15,000 yen or more (excluding tax) at a curb store.
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・Cannot be used with coupons.
・The gift will be enclosed with the product. We do not provide individual gift enclosing information. The information will be the same as for regular shipment of products.

About Engiya

Enkiya is an online shop that introduces traditional crafts from all over Japan with the concept of “a dish that makes today a little bit more sunny.” We named it with the feeling that we want to make and connect “relationships” with “vessels” such as encounters with “vessels”, encounters with production areas, and encounters that surround meals by eating. We aim to make every day of the person who eats with their favorite bowl a happy, sunny day.

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About Gatch Co., Ltd.

Gatch Co., Ltd. is a specialized trading company that delivers traditional Japanese industries to more people with the vision of “Making Japanese values match the world.” While making good use of Japanese traditional industries, we are engaged in product development, brand development, online sales, and support for overseas expansion that match modern lifestyles and sensibilities.

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