[Kameya Mannendo] Shunka no Megumi -Cherry-, Kameya Mannendo direct sales at 28 stores for a limited time


A product based on the concept of adding “wa” to the taste of the season to make it even more delicious and luxurious. Kameya Mannendo has released a Japanese confectionery “Shunka no Megumi-Cherry” that uses a whole grain of Yamagata cherry “Sato Nishiki”.
A mochi confectionery made from Yamagata Prefecture’s “Sato Nishiki” and wrapped in fertilizer. Gyuhi was intentionally finished with less sweetness to enhance the taste of cherries. Sweet and sour juice spreads throughout your mouth and you can enjoy the taste of the season.

It looks cute! Japanese sweets

“Blessing of seasonal fruits” is particular about large cherries. Since the cherries that turn red look like jewels, we use jewel treatment for the packaging. The cross section of the cherries wrapped in soft fertilizer can look like a cute heart! ??

Blessing of seasonal fruits -Cherry- overview

Price: 3 tablets 378 yen (tax included)
Period: Scheduled for June 9th (Thu) to June 30th (Thu), 2022
Store: Kameya Mannendo Direct Sales Limited 28 Stores

*Be careful of the seeds as the whole cherry is used.
*Due to the nature of the product, it is not sold at the online shop.
*This is a limited quantity product. Please forgive it if it is sold out.
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