[THE THOUSAND KYOTO] First commercialization of “sustainable honey” born from SDGs initiatives


The flagship hotel of the Keihan Group,” to achieve a healthy, beautiful, and high quality of life and to aim for a lifestyle that contributes to a recycling-oriented society.
We aim to realize a bright, recycling-oriented society where people can enjoyably and effortlessly incorporate things that are good for both people and the earth into their daily lives.
THE THOUSAND KYOTO will begin selling honey collected through the hotel’s urban beekeeping project in limited quantities on August 3rd (Wed).
In addition, the hotel’s restaurants will begin offering honey-based menus sequentially from August.

100% Kyoto honey harvested on the roof of THE THOUSAND KYOTO. The honey collected this time has a rich floral scent and a clean taste. Please enjoy the blessings of the bees raised with love by the hotel staff.


Ingredients: Honey (produced in Kyoto)
*Do not give to children under the age of one.
Sale period: August 3rd (Wed) until sold out (limited to 170 bottles)
Capacity: 100g
Price: 2,200 yen (tax included)
Sold at: ・Cafe & Bar “TEA AND BAR”

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Menu provided at the restaurant

Sudachi Squash
The hotel-made honey is combined with refreshing sour sudachi juice to create a refreshing taste.

Available Period: August 12th (Fri)~
Price: ¥1,400
Location: Cafe & Bar “TEA AND BAR”, Japanese Cuisine “KIZAHASHI”

Gorgonzola risotto with saffron and honey sauce
You can enjoy the marriage of the risotto with plenty of gorgonzola cheese and the hotel-made honey and saffron-scented sauce.

Available Period: August 12th (Fri) ~
Price: A la carte ¥1,400
Location: Italian Cuisine “SCALAE”

Honey Lemon Fromage
Lemon mousse with exquisite sweetness and sourness, accented with characteristic Roquefort cheese. It is a dish that you can enjoy the marriage with the hotel-made sweet honey.

Available Period: September 1st (Thursday)-
Price: Single item 1,500 yen, drink set 2,400 yen
Location: Cafe & Bar “TEA AND BAR”

* The restaurant menu will be discontinued as soon as the honey collected this year runs out.
*Prices shown include 13% service charge and consumption tax.
*The contents of the menu and the production area of the ingredients are subject to change due to the availability of ingredients.
*Business hours are subject to change without notice. Please check the official website for details.



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