A special course for a limited time with the motif of “Sakura” along with the news of spring


Sakura is a Japanese tradition that makes you feel the arrival of spring. At the French restaurant “Philippe Mille Tokyo” located on the top floor of Tokyo Midtown Garden Terrace, a limited-time course “MENU SAKURA” where you can feel spring with your eyes and tongue while looking at the cherry blossoms below is held on Monday, March 15th. It is now available.

At Philippe Mille Tokyo, the only restaurant in the world named after Philippe Mille, the head chef of the two-Michelin-starred restaurant “Le Parc” in the Champagne region of France, spring for a limited time with the image of “cherry blossoms” The menu “MENU SAKURA” will be available from March 15th (Monday).

Although I couldn’t come to Japan this spring, Mr. Philip, who loves Japanese culture and beautiful nature and came to Japan every year during the cherry blossom season, used Japanese ingredients and was inspired by the beautiful cherry blossoms that bloom in spring. One plate one plate that expresses. We have created a course where you can enjoy not only the taste but also the photogenic spring that you can enjoy with your eyes.

The theme is "SAKURA x Spring Ingredients"

"Cherry-scented shrimp and French white asparagus with crustasse's Zabayon and trout eggs" using spring ingredients

As spring approaches, the vegetable and fruit counters will become even more colorful, and seasonal ingredients will be lined up. “MENU SAKURA” uses seasonal ingredients in spring along with the image of cherry blossoms to create a course that can only be enjoyed now.

The appetizer is a plate using Tasmanian salmon. Once the salmon is smoked with cherry chips, the surface is roasted and a generous amount of caviar is placed on it. In the center, seasonal root celery and green peas are combined with mayonnaise and mascarpone cheese to make a salad. The pink shades of cherry blossoms studded on top use swirl beets and purple radishes to take advantage of the original cherry blossom color of vegetables. The color and texture are accented and make you feel the arrival of spring.

In shrimp dishes, we combine shrimp that has been moisturized at low temperature with French white asparagus that is in season in spring. Whisk egg yolks in a water bath and add bisque sauce with the bayon sauce.
“MENU SAKURA” is a menu that announces the arrival of spring, and is enjoyed every year with the cherry blossoms seen from Tokyo Midtown. It can be used for both lunch and dinner.

2 appetizers "French foie gras poele cherry and lubarb chutney"
Dessert "Almond mousse and flui rouge sorbet tuil accent almond milk sauce"

~ Special course with Japanese SAKURA motif ~

Period: March 15th (Monday) -April 30th (Friday) * The holding period is subject to change.
◇ SAKURA Lunch Course 6 dishes 10,000 yen
(P’tit salé, amuse-bouche, appetizers, fish dishes, meat dishes, desserts)
◇ SAKURA dinner course 8 dishes 20,000 yen
(Petit sale, 1st appetizer, 2nd appetizer, shrimp, fish, meat, pre-desale, dessert)
* 10% tax and service charge are not included.

Philippe Mille Tokyo

Based on the theory of traditional French cuisine, Philippe Mille’s cuisine is carefully selected for its ingredients, serving, and compatibility with champagne. “Philippe Mille Tokyo” is the only restaurant in the world that bears his name.

When the cherry blossoms are in bloom, the garden terrace in Tokyo Midtown is a special seat for cherry blossom viewing. Approximately 150 cherry blossoms of eight types blooming in the adjacent Hinokicho Park in Minato Ward are in full bloom, and it is known as one of the most famous cherry blossom viewing spots in Tokyo, where many tourists visit to see the cherry blossoms.
We have terrace seats where you can enjoy your meal while watching the rows of cherry blossom trees below.

>Philippe Mille Tokyo

Philippe Mille

After training at prestigious restaurants such as “La Sale” and “Hotel Mouris”, he won the National Best Craftsman Award (MOF) at the age of 38, and is now a chateau “Les Clays” in Reims, Champagne. A talented chef who is active as the head chef of the two-star restaurant “Le Parc” of “Ale” and the brasserie “Le Jardin”.

Only two years after becoming the chef of “Le Parc”, he won two Michelin stars and won the third prize at the 2008 Bocuse d’Or International Culinary Competition. As a “star of great hope for Grand Cuisine” in Japan It is highly valued outside.

Hiramatsu Standard

Acrylic partitions are placed on the table to prevent splashes, and the staff thoroughly wears goggles, masks, gloves when provided, so that you can enjoy your meal with peace of mind.

Hiramatsu restaurants and hotels nationwide, including “Philippe Mille Tokyo,” have been created from the three perspectives of “hygiene management,” “social distance,” and “ventilation” so that customers can enjoy their meals with peace of mind. We are thoroughly implementing our own safety standard “Hiramatsu Standard”. From each perspective, the environment for welcoming customers and the behavior of employees are stipulated in detail, and are implemented in all businesses such as Hiramatsu restaurants, cafes, hotels, and weddings.

>”Hiramatsu Standard”



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