Natural plum wine “mume torotoro” made by a special patent-pending manufacturing method


The fragrant natural plum wine “mume Torotoro”, which was created by a manufacturing method that makes use of the thick texture and materials realized by a special manufacturing method, is on sale in advance through the support purchase service “Makuake”.

The charm of "mume torotoro"

The most attractive feature of “mume torotoro” is its smooth and smooth texture that makes you think “Is it really plum wine?” If you take a sip, the rich and thick texture like a nectar spreads in your mouth, and you will be impressed by the finest taste you will experience for the first time. While the thickening of the flesh brings a luxurious and elegant drinking feeling, the fresh and fruity aroma of the ripe plums of the season is retained, and the blissful luxury is irresistible.

Smooth mouthfeel realized by a special manufacturing method

The secret of the flesh that sways smoothly and smoothly is due to a unique manufacturing method that removes the fibers of the flesh as much as possible. This allows for a smoother, thicker and more luxurious texture than simply grinding the flesh.

Sustainable manufacturing method that makes the best use of materials
“Mume” is made by the patent-pending manufacturing method “Himuro selective extraction manufacturing method” that extracts the ingredients only from the flesh of frozen ripe plums. “Mume Torotoro” was made by effectively utilizing the flesh left over at this time. We carefully select the fresh ripe plums that have the best flavor possible by hand for “mume torotoro”.

"Mume" exclusive wine glass is now available exclusively for Makuake

We recommend drinking “mume” in a wine glass. By pouring it into a wine glass and drinking it, you can maximize the delicate aroma of “mume”. For those who purchased this time in advance at Makuake, we have prepared a wine glass exclusively for “mume” that allows you to enjoy the scent of “mume” even more. You can enjoy “mume” luxuriously with the “mume” logo on the legs of the glass.

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