Chestnut-steamed yokan sold only during the season


The large chestnuts that arrived from Ibaraki prefecture this fall are generously packed in steamed yokan, and the chestnut-steamed yokan from Aya Fuka Matsuya is on sale. Please enjoy the limited edition yokan that is sold only during the chestnut harvest season.

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About 60 minutes by car from our shop, Iwama, Kasama City, Ibaraki Prefecture, which boasts the highest yield in Japan, is freshly picked, peeled, and sent directly every day.

Steamed yokan
Extraordinary azuki beans harvested in the vast Tokachi Plain of Hokkaido. We are particular about homemade bean paste to complement the new chestnuts, and the time to boil it is exquisitely adjusted.

The only ingredients are chestnuts, red beans, sugar, flour, starch and salt.

Limited time offer
Chestnuts can be harvested for about two months. We will manufacture only during this period.

One chestnut-steamed yokan (regular)
Only the seasonal new chestnuts harvested this fall were pickled in honey and generously put into steamed yokan. The rugged new chestnuts are our specialty, which brings out the best flavor.

Size: Length 16cm x Width 4.5cm x Height 4.5cm
Price: 2,484 yen (tax included)

Chestnut-steamed yokan (pole) 1
Large-grained new chestnuts from Kasama, Ibaraki Prefecture, were generously packed in steamed yokan and lined up without gaps at the top. The size is about twice the weight of the regular type chestnut-steamed yokan, and the amount of new chestnuts is about 3.5 times.

Size: Size 21cm long x 6cm wide x 4.5cm high
Price: 9,396 yen (tax included)

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