[Hoshino Resort Tomamu] 100 kinds of dumplings “Not only cherry blossom viewing! Cherry blossom viewing dumpling festival”


We will hold “Hanami dumpling festival” where you can enjoy 100 kinds of cherry blossom-shaped dumplings at “Hoshino Resort Tomamu”, one of the largest stay-type resorts in Hokkaido. In the cafe & bar “Tsukino” store, a “hanami dumpling tree” that is colored with 100 kinds of cherry blossom dumplings is installed as a menu display. You can choose the menu to see the cherry blossoms.

Multicolored! Offering 100 kinds of cherry blossom viewing dumplings

We offer cherry blossom-shaped cherry-blossom dumplings with the image of cherry blossoms, which are spring flowers. This base has colorful spring-like colors such as cherry blossoms and yellow, as well as simple glossy dumplings.
We use spring ingredients, Hokkaido-like ingredients, and dairy products produced at Farm Hoshino.

* Farm Hoshino … A project to work on agricultural production activities.

Introducing a cherry blossom viewing dumpling tree that is colored with colorful cherry blossom-shaped dumplings

In the cafe & bar “Tsukino” store, we will set up a cherry-blossom dumpling tree that will be colored with 100 kinds of cherry-blossom dumplings as a menu display. This is an image of a cherry blossom tree in full bloom with a cherry blossom-shaped cherry blossom dumpling. The best part of this event is that you can choose and enjoy your favorite cherry blossom viewing dumplings while watching the cherry blossoms.

You can choose a drink that suits the cherry blossom viewing dumplings! Offering "Ohanami Dango Afternoon Tea"

We offer “Ohanami Dango Afternoon Tea” where you can choose a drink that suits the Hanami Dango. We offer a total of 6 types, including “Sakura Latte”, “Matcha Latte”, “Sakura Tea” where you can enjoy the scent of cherry blossoms, and “Shirakaba Tea”, an herbal tea that uses birch leaves. It is a menu where you can enjoy one kind of cherry blossom viewing dumpling and one drink.

"Not just cherry-blossom viewing! Cherry-blossom viewing dumpling festival" overview

Period: April 28-May 31, 2022
Price: Hanami dumplings 500 yen each, Hanami dumplings afternoon tea 900 yen, various drinks 500 yen ~ (all including tax)
Time: 11: 00-16: 00
Location: Hoshino Resort Tomamu cafe & amp; bar “Tsukino”
Target: Available for both overnight and day-trippers
Remarks: The contents of the offer may be partially changed depending on the purchase situation.

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