Bring the warmth of tea closer to you. “KUMONOCHA” reopened


The reopening on Saturday, March 26, 2022 is based on the concept of “KUMONOCHA” and Kiyomizudera Sannenzaka store “Relax, tea in Kyoto.” Will change the store style from the previous one and provide you with a relaxing space.

Sanningzaka, the approach leading to Kiyomizu-dera, a popular tourist destination. Also known as Sannen-zaka, about 5 million domestic and foreign tourists visit every year. From Shimizuzaka, take a narrow road and climb for about 1 minute while enjoying the Japanese atmosphere, and you will see a big cherry tree. The scenery is different throughout the year, and you can enjoy the four seasons.

The interior of the store retains the traditional style, but with a modern design represented by Simplist, it is a space that challenges the new Kyoto style. In such a special space, we will prepare a menu that will soothe your mind.

Please spend a relaxing time while watching the tea making of the store staff with feelings, sitting in the open space inside the store and taking a rest, or putting it in an attractive package or furoshiki and sharing it with your loved ones.

Somehow it seems to be flying above the sky

Cloud mousse + Cloud matcha latte ¥1080(tax included)
Cloud Matcha Latte (HOT / ICE) separately-¥ 590 (tax included)
*Cloud mousse is limited in quantity every day. However, it is not sold separately. note that.

The cloud matcha latte uses carefully selected Uji matcha. A luxurious taste that is mellowly finished with bittersweet matcha and rich special milk. The fluffy and cute cloud-shaped latte art (but only for HOT) is inevitable for Instagram.

The cloud mousse at the same time is cute from any angle, and at first glance it will soothe your feelings. When you cut open the inside, a mousse and azuki made from matcha appear, and the gap moe is also a charm point.

Cloud matcha pound cake

Matcha pound cake separately – ¥290 (tax included)

A matcha pound cake that has been thoroughly baked using carefully selected Uji matcha.
After enjoying the rich flavor of matcha, when you taste the handmade icing, the rich aroma and crispy texture melt together in your mouth.

Enjoy the nostalgic taste of black soybeans in the toppings and the elegant gold leaf, and experience the depth of taste that will be further upgraded.

Sakura soda for a limited time "Peach is fluttering, cherry blossom is fluttering"

Cloud mousse + Sakura soda – ¥1180 (tax included)
Limited time Sakura Soda (ICE) separately – ¥520 (tax included)

Grapefruit and peach soda with a round and cute peach jelly with a spring theme. Frozen cherry blossom petals are placed on the top while maintaining a beautiful appearance. Let’s burn this moment with the sweetness of being wrapped in the spring sun and the refreshingness of everything.

Furoshiki flavored tea "Relax at home"

The slope of cherry blossoms when peaches roll -¥680(tax included)
Flavored tea blended with peach and oolong tea. Have a moment surrounded by an elegant sweet scent under the sun.

Yuzu moon of Yasaka – ¥680(tax included)
Flavored tea blended with yuzu and sencha. The subtle taste brings a soothing moment to the heart.

Kiyomizu-dera grape rain – ¥680(tax included)
Flavored tea blended with muscat and sencha. You can learn about the new world of sencha with its clean and clean scent.

KUMONOCHA Shimizu Sannenzaka store

Location: 3-317, Irishimizu, Sannen-zaka Matsubara, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto




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