[Hotel Gajoen Tokyo] Offering colorful “Ryomen” that moisturizes the five senses from the Museum Hotel of Japanese Beauty


The restaurant of “Hotel Gajoen Tokyo”, which was born in the Showa era and is known as the gorgeous oriental art hall of fame.
From June 1st (Wed) to August 31st (Wed), 2022, we will offer “Ryomen” that you can enjoy a refreshing throat in the hot summer.

In the Chinese dish “Shun Yuki”, there is a popular summer menu “Gomoku chilled Chinese noodles”.

In addition, “Tomato Naengmyeon” is made with abundant amera-tomato noodles and fruit-like sweetness, with plenty of lycopene and a high sense of beauty.

“Cold soymilk dandan noodles” that you can expect stamina up with rounded winter melon and two kinds of petit tomatoes on top of nutritious noodles kneaded with moroheiya.
You can enjoy these 3 types.

From the Japanese cuisine “Tofu-tei”, this year’s new work “Sudachi Somen and Tenju” has appeared.
The refreshing aroma and acidity of citrus sudachi, which is so generous that the noodles are hidden, accentuates the rich flavor of the soup stock, allowing you to enjoy somen with a smooth throat.

From the New American Grill “KANADE TERRACE”, we will prepare “Green laver and perilla cold genovese, marinated seafood, lime flavor” with an impressive bright green appearance.

A refreshing cold pasta with fragrant genovese based on perilla and green laver, and seafood such as scallops and sea bream marinated in lime dressing.
Enjoy the change in taste by sprinkling watercress and tomato sauce with parsley oil.

At RISTORANTE “CANOVIANO”, the signature dish “Hokkaido striped shrimp and karasumi cold capellini” that chef Uetake has been making for 28 years.
In addition, we offer “Cold carbonara of hot spring eggs with mushrooms of Hasegawa farm” where mellowness and refreshing taste coexist.

Enjoy summer gastronomy that moisturizes your five senses with noodle dishes that are particular about soups, sauces, and ingredients, as well as noodles, so that you can overcome the heat of summer.

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