[Bungotakada City, Oita] 2022 “Aki soba” opening date has been decided


Bungo Takada City grows soba twice a year, in spring and in fall, and fresh soba in season is served at each of the “Bungo Takada Soba Certified Soba Shops” in the city.
The opening of autumn soba in 2022 will be on November 19. Autumn soba will be available at all certified Bungo Takada soba stores in the city.

"Bungo Takada Soba" carefully nurtured

Buckwheat is grown in Bungo Takada, the village of Buddha, and blooms prettily.
The buckwheat is harvested, carefully dried, and processed into buckwheat flour and other ingredients. Soba is served at certified Bungo Takada soba stores, where the distance traveled and temperature fluctuations are minimal, and the stress on the ingredients is minimal.
Autumn soba is characterized by its rich flavor and pleasant texture. Bungo Takada soba is full of love. Please enjoy it.

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