Ito Kyuemon, Kyoto: Seasonal Matcha Chocolate Parfait from January 13


Ito Kyuemon’s seasonal parfaits change from season to season, and in 2023, the curtain will rise on the “Matcha Chocolate Parfait”.

This winter-only parfait is decorated with popular souvenir items such as raw chocolate and Ochameichigo (tea strawberries). Please enjoy the co-starring of rich Uji green tea and dense dark chocolate, which is perfect for winter.

Duration: From Friday, January 13, 2023
Price: Single item 1,390 yen (tax included), tea set 1,790 yen (tax included), chocolate tea party 1,990 yen (tax included)
Store: Uji Main Store, JR Uji Ekimae Store, Gion Shijo Store

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