Changed name to Keisei Sakura Station / Sakura City Hall? “Sakura, a town dyed by cherry blossoms” campaign


The sightseeing campaign “Sakura, a town dyed with cherry blossoms” will begin on March 20, 2020.
During the campaign period, the station name sign of Keisei Sakura Station, the nearest station of Sakura Castle Ruins Park, and the sign of Sakura City Hall and Sakura Castle Ruins Park will be changed to the one with “Sakura” changed to “Sakura” based on Murata’s design The town and the station are united, and the “Sakura” of Sakura Castle Ruins Park is excited.

During the period, photo spots related to cherry blossoms will be set up at the Sakura City Museum of Art, the former Hirai residence, etc.
* A plan to visit Sakura during the event and post it with a common hashtag to receive a gift.

Period: March 20 〜 April 12, 2020

Various signs from "Sakura(佐倉)" to "Sakura(桜)"-Design by Rinko Murata-

During the period, the sign of “Sakura(佐倉)” in the signboard of Keisei Sakura Station and the sign of Sakura City Hall and Sakura Castle Park will be changed to “Sakura(桜)”.
The design and characters of each signboard were designed by fashion model Tomoko Murata, the image character of this campaign.

Distribution of special campaign brochures

During the period, special brochures produced according to the campaign will be distributed.

Contents: Introduction of sightseeing information in Sakura City, introduction of special treatment at each store in the city
Period: Mid March 2020〜Ends as soon as it is gone
Distribution location: Keisei Line stations

Sakura castle ruins

About 50 varieties and more than 1,000 cherry blossoms are blooming at Sakura Castle Park, the main venue of “Town Sakura, a town dyed by cherry blossoms.”
Contents: Opening local souvenirs and restaurants, Japanese traditional performing arts, monkey whirlpool, etc.

Period: March 31 (Tue)〜April 5 (Sun), 2020
Place: Sakura Castle Ruins Park

■Related events■

Sakura blooming shop Festa

During the period, you can receive benefits by showing the campaign leaflet or campaign site at the cooperating store. Menus related to fairs are also available.

Period: March 20 (Friday / holiday)〜April 12 (Sun) 2020
Place: Cooperation store around Keisei-Sakura Station and around Sakura Castle Ruins Park

“Evening of cherry blossom viewing cherry blossom night”

You can admire the cherry blossoms that emerged in the shade from the entrance to the National Museum of History and Folklore.

Period: Wednesday, March 25-Sunday, April 5, 2020 18: 00-20: 00
* Open temporarily on Monday, March 30
Location: National Museum of History and Folklore Entrance Hall
Others: Free viewing and no prior application required.


On the street near Keisei-Sakura Station, you can easily drop in and enjoy a place where you can eat and relax.

Sakura Castle Town Kimono Walk

You can also rent and dress kimono with matcha and sweets and a commemorative photo.

Period: Sundays and holidays from February 11, 2020 (Tuesday / holiday)〜 April 19 (Sunday)
Place: Former Hirai Residence

Samurai walk

You can enjoy samurai costumes, martial arts, and walking around town wearing Samurai costumes.

Dates: February 8 (Sat) and 22 (Sat), March 12 (Thu) and 28 (Sat), April 9 (Thu) and 25 (Sat), May 9 (Sat)〜16th (Sat) * Campaign period is 3/28〜4/9
Price: 6,500 yen / person

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