Hoshino Resort Tomamu’s Unkai Terrace will be reopened in August


Unkai Terrace, which opened in 2006, attracts a large number of visitors every year, and the cumulative number of visitors reached 1.2 million in the fall of 2020. And it is scheduled to be reopened in 2021 so that you can appreciate the dynamic sea of clouds more closely.

It feels like you are riding a sea of clouds! Deck protruding into the air

The deck will protrude to the front more than before, and you will be able to see the sea of clouds even closer. The view of the sea of clouds that flows over the mountains and fills the entire surface in front of you is truly a magnificent view of the sky. With a deck that seems to be floating in the air, you can feel as if you were on a boat and going out into the sea of clouds.

A three-story building with a magnificent view overlooking the distance

From the top floor, which is about 12m high, you can get a wider view of nature, such as the sea of clouds, the Hidaka Mountains, and the rising sun in front of you. If you change the height, the appearance will change, so you can enjoy various scenery. You can enjoy the overwhelming scale of nature and have a refreshing morning.

An indoor cafe where you can enjoy your stay above the clouds

You can enjoy reading a book, relaxing on the indoor sofa, and waiting for the sea of clouds while drinking a sea of clouds coffee with cloud-shaped marshmallows or a sea of clouds soda that expresses fluffy clouds with cotton candy.

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