[Kyukamura Myoko] “Star Party Plan” to enjoy the starry sky


The “Star Party Plan” will be on sale from June 1st, where you can relax and enjoy the clear air and the starry sky in the field where “Mt. Myoko”, known as one of the 100 famous mountains in Japan, rises in front of you.

Starry sky and bonfire-experience extraordinary as you wish

You can enjoy the great outdoors at the private space “Myoko Base” set up in the park.
Feel free to use the tents set up in the park from the day when the sunbeams are pleasant to the time when you can see the starry sky.
Mt. Myoko sitting in front of you, the chirping of birds, the voice of insects, and the starry sky that blinks all over the sky.
Enjoy the rustic landscape of Myoko with your loved ones, which you cannot experience in the city.

Imori Pond

The view of Mt. Myoko across the “Imori Pond” located in the center of Ikenotaira Onsen in Myoko Kogen Pond is superb.
The Myoko Kogen Visitor Center was also opened in April this year.

"Myoko Base" where you can spend your time in the natural environment
We are proud of the view from the large window of the hot spring bath on the 3rd floor of the hotel.
In the summer, we offer a "half buffet" that mixes the good points of kaiseki and buffet.
From August 1st to 20th, we offer "Umasagiri Wagyu Kaiseki and Half Buffet" (starting from 18,850 yen)
Waiting for the night while relaxing, you can enjoy extraordinary time even casually

Enjoy the starry sky unique to the plateau at an altitude of 1300m.
Anyone can easily enjoy star watching with binoculars for observing constellations.

Marshmallows that are grilled and eaten on a bonfire are exceptional

《Official HP Reservation Limited Star Party Plan》

Offer period: June 1, 2022-September 30, 2022
Price: Weekdays 2 people 1 room use 1 night 2 meals 1 adult 17,150 (tax included) ~

>Kyukamura Myoko Official Website

In the vicinity, there is “Naena Waterfall”, which has been selected as one of the “100 Best Waterfalls in Japan”.
It is a magnificent waterfall with a head of 55m, and the scenery is impressive.

Efforts aimed at a new travel style “Zero dense resort”
We will strive every day to become a “zero-dense resort” with the safety and security of our customers, employees, and related parties first.



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