The autumn temporary seat reservation train “Mt.TAKAO” will operate


Keio Electric Railway Co., Ltd. is a temporary seat reservation train between Shinjuku Station and Takaosanguchi Station on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from October 3 (Sat) to December 6 (Sun) according to the autumn leaves season of Mt.TAKAO. We operate “Mt. TAKAO”.

Cover of Japan Heritage certification commemorative ticket

This time, we will operate two reserved seat trains bound for Takaosanguchi and three bound for Shinjuku. The descent is called “Mt. TAKAO”, and it runs directly from Shinjuku Station to Takaosanguchi Station without getting on and off the station on the way.

As with the Keio Liner, you can only get on the train from the limited express stop from Takaosanguchi Station to Fuchu Station, and you can move comfortably to Shinjuku Station. In addition, on June 19, 2nd year of Reiwa, the story “Mt. Takao, Mt. Reikiman-Mt. Then, the “Japan Heritage Certification Commemorative Ticket” to be released from October 18 (Sun) will be on the train of “Mt. TAKAO” from Shinjuku and “Keio Liner” from Takaosanguchi on Saturday, October 17 the day before. It will be released in advance for a limited time.

As with the “Keio Liner,” the 5000 series is used, and the seats can be used with cross seats, power outlets, and free Wi-Fi, and the seat reservation fee is a flat rate of 410 yen. The details are as follows.

About the operation of Mt.TAKAO

1. Operating day

* The service may be canceled due to stormy weather.

2. Station

* You can get on at each stop on the way, but you cannot get off.
* Operates as Keio Liner.

3. Timetable

* You can search on each timetable search site from October 1st (Thursday).

4. Official homepage
> Official homepage

5. Vehicle used
5000 series car (10-car train, cross seat)

6. Seat reservation fee
410 yen
* A separate ticket is required.

7. Number of seats
438 seats (finished as soon as it is full)

8. How to buy
With the Keio ticketless service (advance membership registration required), you can purchase from 7:00 am 7 days before the service date to 1 minute before departure. Ticket vending machines can be purchased from the first train on the day of operation only if there are vacant seats on the day of operation. The end of sale depends on the location of the ticket vending machine 1 to 5 minutes before departure.
* Keio Ticketless Service ( Keio Ticketless Service )
* Customers who are registered for the priority reservation service of Keio Ticketless Service can purchase from 6:00 am 7 days before.

* Ticket vending machine installation station
[Down] Shinjuku Station
[Up] Takaosanguchi Station, Takao Station, Mejirodai Station, Kitano Station, Takahatafudo Station, Seiseki Sakuragaoka Station, Bubaigawara Station, Fuchu Station

9. Limited edition of “Japan Heritage Certification Commemorative Ticket” in-car
(1) Tickets to be sold
Japan Heritage certified “Mt.Takao” commemorative ticket

(2) Release start date and place
Saturday, October 17, 2020
* Specific sales methods and numbers will be announced on the Keio website on September 25, 2020 (Friday). (General release is 15 stations on the Keio Line and Inokashira Line from the first train on Sunday, October 18, 2020)

10. Customer contact information
Keio Customer Center
TEL.042-357-6161 (9: 00-18: 00)

[Reference] Measures against new coronavirus infection
We are implementing and promoting various initiatives as a countermeasure against the new coronavirus infection.
We ask for your continued understanding and cooperation in measures against infectious diseases such as wearing masks and washing hands.
Please check the URL below for specific measures against new coronavirus infections.
>Countermeasures against new coronavirus infections



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