Hoshinoya Taketomijima Sanshin Private Concert “Sanshin Survey”


From October 15, 2020, the stay-type resort “Hoshinoya Taketomijima” in Taketomi Island, Okinawa Prefecture will hold a private Sanshin concert “Sanshin no Kenkyu” in the guest rooms. This is an activity where you can use the “Regional Coupon” of the GoTo Travel Business to monopolize the performance of the Sanshin, a traditional Ryukyu musical instrument, in your guest room.

Spend a moment immersing yourself in island time listening to the nostalgic sound of the sanshin. In cooperation with local performers who are less likely to perform in places where people gather in the traditional corona, we propose a stay where guests can experience the culture of the island by holding concerts.

The sanshin is a traditional Ryukyu musical instrument, also known as the “Ryukyu shamisen,” and is said to be the origin of the Japanese shamisen. *

At Hoshinoya Taketomijima, a sanshin concert was held in the lounge every evening, but it is still difficult to hold it to prevent the spread of infection. For the same reason, local performers have less opportunity to perform in public as before.

We propose concerts to be held in the guest rooms for performers who have less chance to perform and customers who have less chance to experience the island culture. We have developed this program with the hope that we will be able to provide customers with an opportunity to experience the island culture during their stay while cooperating with local people who have problems by utilizing the common regional coupon.

>History of Sanshin

Private concert in the guest room

The performer will go to the guest room and perform songs related to Taketomi Island, such as “Asadoya Yunta” and “Let’s meet at Taketomi Island”, while talking about the meaning of the lyrics and the background of the song.

You can spend a time immersing yourself in the island culture by facing the Ryukyu red tiles and coral stone walls, which are said to be the original scenery of Okinawa, outside the window and listening to the nostalgic sanshin tone and clear voice.

customer's voice

・ I spent a lot of time in the lounge during my stay, and I was looking forward to playing the sanshin in the evening.
It can’t be helped because of this situation, but it would be nice if we could somehow hold it. (Male in his 50s)

・ It’s not unreasonable at this time, but there were plenty of activities in the museum where you can experience the culture of the island.
I hope it will gradually come back. (A couple in their 40s)

Voice of the performer

・ I was wondering what to do because I didn’t have the opportunity to perform twice a week.

・ I lost my energy because I had less chance to go out and talk to people. I was thinking of finding a new part-time job.

Highest level corona countermeasure declaration

[1] Hygiene management
At Hoshino Resorts, as part of our corona measures, we take the following measures in consideration of our customers’ health and public health.
・ Temperature measurement at check-in
・ In addition to normal room cleaning, cleaning and wiping with alkaline electrolyzed water inside the hotel
・ Alcohol for sterilization is installed in various places in the building
・ Rubbing alcohol for hand disinfection is installed in all guest rooms
・ Alcohol disinfection of hands to all customers when entering the restaurant
・ High-temperature cleaning of tableware (plates, glasses) and cutlery (80 degrees or higher), disinfection cleaning of meal trays
・ Install partitions such as panels and vinyl sheets on the front
・ Wear a mask when serving customers in the hall
・ Thorough management of staff health and hygiene (temperature measurement and record confirmation before going to work)

[2] 3 Dense avoidance
We are taking the following measures to create a stay that avoids the three “denseness” of closed, dense, and close.
・ Implementation of 3 dense visualization services that show the degree of congestion in the large communal bath on a smartphone (partial)
・ Restrictions on admission and entry in places where congestion is confirmed during your stay
・ Manage restaurant congestion and decentralize entry times
・ At the time of check-out front payment, entry restrictions will be implemented as appropriate.
・ Check-in support in guest rooms (Hoshinoya / Kai)

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Hoshinoya Taketomi Island
Hoshinoya Taketomi Island, a village of red tiles in Ryukyu located to the east of Taketomi Island. The site of about 20,000 tsubo follows the “Taketomi Island Landscape Formation Manual” in the same way as the houses on the island. It is a small settlement with detached rooms built with respect for tradition, white sand alleys, swimming pools, and gazebos.

>Hoshinoya Official Site



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