[Blue Zone] A program to learn the lifestyle of longevity people at “Hoshinoya Okinawa”


The blue zone is a term that refers to an area where many healthy and long-lived people live. Five regions in the world are designated as blue zones, and Okinawa is selected as one of them. At Hoshinoya Okinawa, we will start a program on September 1, 2021 where you can experience the characteristic habits of longevity people during your stay and learn the secrets of healthy longevity while having fun.

Nine rules of "health" and "longevity" learned from 100-year-olds around the world

・ Continue moderate exercise
・ Eat up to 80% of your stomach to reduce calorie intake
・ Eat vegetable foods
・ Ingest moderately red wine (alcohol)
・ Have a clear sense of purpose
・ Slow down your life
・ Have faith
・ Give top priority to family
・ Connect with people

* Dan Buettner (2012). Blue Zone, 2nd Edition: Quoted from 9 lessons for longevity from longevity people.

Features of "Okinawa Blue Zone Stay"

1. Leave yourself to the tone of the sanshin and relax with a drink on the beach

Moderate drinking leads to stress relief in the blue zone and is one of the habits that is said to be good for the body. In this program, you can enjoy an evening drink before going to bed on the natural beach that stretches out in front of the facility.

2. Enjoy a special hot pot with plenty of vegetables

The Blue Zone diet is characterized by a focus on plant foods and legumes. For dinner, we will serve a special hot pot using plenty of vegetables familiar in Okinawa in the guest room.

3. Move your body comfortably in the pool overlooking the sea

The longevity people in the blue zone are all physically active. Moderate exercise is one of the essential habits for maintaining good health. In this program, you will participate in “aquatic exercises” performed at the infinity pool in the facility and move your body comfortably.

4. Help with work at Yachimun no Sato and participate in Sanjicha

It is known that the inheritance of traditional culture, the spirit of helping each other, and the purpose of life found in the blue zone greatly contribute to healthy longevity. In order to deepen this learning, during the middle of my stay, I will head to the pottery shop in “Yachimun no Sato” in Yomitan Village to help the potters work.

Overview of “Stay in Okinawa Blue Zone”

Period: September 1, 2021 ~ Year-round
Time: 2 nights 3 days
Price: 1 person 65,000 yen (tax and service charge 10% included) * Accommodation fee not included
Included: Enjoy a beach evening drink while listening to the Sanshin performance, one dinner (a special pot full of vegetables), an aquatic exercise experience, a work experience in a pottery, three o’clock tea (sanjicha)
Capacity: 1 group per day (up to 4 people)
Remarks: Implementation details may change depending on the weather. Ingredients and menus may change depending on the purchasing situation.


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Hoshinoya Okinawa thinks that learning the blue zone is a hint not only for longevity but also for a better way of life. Improving the quality of life is an important theme in today’s world, which is said to be the age of 100 years. Hoshinoya Okinawa will continue to lead to a happy life by providing experiences that connect with people, communities, and nature, and feel the importance of purpose of life, in addition to extraordinary experiences at resorts, meals, and exercise. I hope to create opportunities for self-discovery.



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