[Hoshino Resorts KAI Enshu] Held “Enjoy The first picked tea in Shizuoka stay” to enjoy the scent of fresh young leaves that have reached the season of tea


The theme is “Bicharaku”, where you can enjoy the deliciousness and beauty of sencha.
Hoshino Resorts KAI Enshu, which holds various seasonal tea events, is in the period from May 15th to June 30th, 2022, which is the first picked tea of this year.
We will hold a stay plan “Enjoy The first picked tea in Shizuoka stay” to enjoy tea.

Stay in a room surrounded by The first tea

The room is the largest Western-style room with an open-air bath in KAI Enshu.
Once you step inside the room, the tea is burned in the tea incense oven and you can enjoy the aroma first.
The tea from the prefecture that has just been picked on the 88th night is carefully drained from the night before and prepared as a refreshingly cold welcome drink.

The sweets to accompany are Hoshino Resorts KAI Enshu’s original products, and we are using sencha for both the skin and the bean paste.
Enshu cotton tsumugi, a textile that is also a local traditional craft, is used to set up the room.
At the warmth studio that produces Enshu cotton tsumugi, all the patterns of the tsumugi are given distinctive names such as “Fuji,” “Rikyu,” and “Aki Akane.”

For this “Enjoy The first picked tea in Shizuoka stay”, we have jointly developed a new “tea” pattern between Warmth Studio and KAI Enshu.
The tea pattern is also used for cushions, slippers, and shoji screens.

Knowing Tea (Gotouchigaku) "Tea Experience"

We will prepare seats for the “Tea Experience” experience program, which is held every day in KAI Enshu.
It is a content to learn about tea again and enjoy its taste.
We usually guide you on a first-come, first-served basis, but you can always participate by applying for this plan.

Tea and hot springs heal both inside and outside the body

The quality of the hot springs at Kanzanji Onsen, which is located in KAI Enshu, is said to be a strong chloride hot spring, the third highest salt concentration in Japan.

Before and after bathing in a hot spring that warms your body from the core, we recommend hydration with three types of tea.
We will prepare “Bathing Ochasansen”, which is installed in the large communal bath and the hot spring bath, in the guest rooms only for customers with a Shizuoka stay plan.

After bathing, you can use a face mask that uses the tea leaf extract of Kakegawa tea at the dressing room, which is wrapped in the scent of aroma oil that resembles tea, to soothe your skin.
Hoshino Resorts KAI Enshu’s original Hamamatsu dyeing and dyeing towels with teapot and tea leaf patterns are available for bathing.

Tea pairing course tailored to Japanese kaiseki

At dinner, we have a pairing course where you can enjoy sencha produced in the prefecture, including new tea, along with kaiseki cuisine.
Of course, there is hot water tea that you can enjoy the aroma, sweetness, astringency, and bitterness.
“Shizuku tea” with a condensed flavor that you can enjoy at the end of the kaiseki course while watching the ice slowly come out from the beginning of the meal.
It is a tea pairing course that is fun for the eyes, including not only the taste but also the color of tea and changes in the extraction method.

Pairing of tea and sweets proposed by Japanese tea instructors and tea masters

The next morning, before departure, you can rent a spacious sofa seat overlooking the tea plantation and enjoy a pairing set of tea and sweets.
We will prepare local sweets that match each tea, such as new tea, Japanese black tea, roasted tea and a variety of teas from Shizuoka, Kawane’s yuzu yokan and sencha brulee.

"Enjoy The first picked tea in Shizuoka stay" Overview

Holding period: May 15th-June 30th, 2022
Capacity: 1 group per day (1 group 1 to 4 people)
Price: 1 night with 2 meals from 66,000 yen (1 person per person when using 1 room, tax included, service fee included)
remarks: Depending on the situation, the period and contents may be partially changed.

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