[Kai Unzen] Scheduled to open on November 25, 2022 at Unzen Onsen, Nagasaki.


On November 25, 2022, the hot spring inn brand “Kai” operated by Hoshino Resorts, which operates nationwide, plans to open “Kai Unzen” in Unzen Onsen, Nagasaki Prefecture.
“Kai Unzen” is the 22nd facility following “Kai Yufuin” and “Kai Izumo”, and will be the first inn in Nagasaki Prefecture.

Unzen Onsen, Nagasaki, is located in Unzen Amakusa National Park, and is a hot spring area with the scent of steam, steam, and sulfur. Unzen Onsen is said to have been visited by Dutch trading house doctors Engelbert and Siebold through Dejima during the period when Japan was isolated, and is a place with historical ties to overseas countries.

In connection with its history, the Nagasaki culture, which has developed through the exchange of various people and cultures, is a mixture of Japanese (Japan), Hana (China), and Orchid (Netherlands) elements. Incorporate. For example, the large communal bath was decorated with stained glass, a glass craft from the Netherlands.

When the outside light comes in, the colorful and vivid light is reflected on the surface of the water and shines beautifully. A hot spring inn where you can experience the gorgeous Nagasaki culture full of exoticism.

Location: 321 Unzen, Obama-cho, Unzen City, Nagasaki Prefecture 854-0515
Floor: 6 stories (guest room building)
Number of rooms: 51 rooms
Opening date: November 25, 2022 (planned)

“Kai” is a hot spring inn brand developed by Hoshino Resorts nationwide. Under the theme of “It’s a royal road, but it’s new.”, We pursue hospitality that meets modern needs while making the best use of the changing seasons, Japanese taste, and tradition. It also features a “go” where you can experience the traditional culture and crafts of the area, and a “local room” where you can experience the local culture. Currently, it is deployed all over the country, and in January 2022, the 19th facility, Hoshino Resorts, opened in Shiraoi Onsen, Hokkaido.

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