[Kamoso Kachoen Garden Park] “Original Iris and Hydrangea Exhibition” is being held


The annual “Original Iris and Hydrangea Exhibition”
Here, 500,000 irises of 600 varieties will be exhibited in an outdoor field of about 1 hectare, and about 300 varieties of hydrangea will be exhibited in the indoor display greenhouse.

This year's very early blooming irises have begun to bloom from April 8th.

Early blooming is a wonderful feature of Kamosou’s original irises, but the first flower of this year, which was a little late in the cold winter and warm spring, was on April 8th, which was about 10 days later than last year.
If flowering progresses in this condition, early blooming irises can be expected to be in full bloom during this year’s Golden Week.
And from the middle of May, the irises planted in the ground will bloom one after another.

The hydrangea hills in the greenhouse have also been completed.

The hydrangea hills are exhibited in the center of the greenhouse, centering on Kamosou’s original hydrangea, and you can select and purchase your favorite hydrangea directly from the hills.

Teahouse Sougentei is also open every day

Teahouse Sougentei has just opened this year at the site of Miso warehouse surrounded by ponds on three sides.
You can enjoy Kamosou’s original sencha set, which is a blend of specialty teas from the Harada area, mugwort dumplings, and ice cream rice ball lunch boxes.

On the second floor of the main building of the Shoya mansion, the Kamo Fumiko exhibition is being held at Gallery Aya.
Please see the acrylic painting of the irises of Fumiko Kamo who supported Kamosou in the Showa era.

Outline of "Original Iris / Hydrangea Exhibition"

Period: April 23 (Sat) -June 26 (Sun), 2022
Business Hours: 8: 00-17: 00 (reception until 16:30)
Open 7 days a week during the period
Admission: April 23 (Sat) -June 26 (Sun), 2022
* Iris and hydrangea exhibition period Adults (junior high school students and above) 1,500 yen
Free for elementary school students and younger
Silver (65 years old and over) 1,200 yen Please show proof that you know your age
Persons with disabilities 1,200 yen Please present your disability certificate

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