[Hoshino Resort Aomoriya] Enjoy in a cool space in the summer of Aomori


Summer in Aomori has a low average temperature and a comfortable climate. The park, which is located on the grounds of Aomoriya and is lined with a large pond and old houses with thatched roofs, is a recommended place to spend a cool summer with a pleasant breeze.
At “Hoshino Resort Aomoriya”, we will carry out a program “Aomori Ai Ryomi” to cool off on the terrace dyed in indigo. In this program, you can enjoy the sweets that imagine the goldfish swimming leisurely while gazing at the view of the park in front of you.

A terrace full of openness

Aomori Ai Ryo is held on the terrace with a panoramic view of the park and a feeling of openness. From this place, you can see a large pond in the center of the park, old houses with thatched roofs that surround it, and a view of the deep green forest. In the summer, you can see the flowing clouds and colorful green trees while feeling the pleasant breeze across the pond.

Indigo-based furnishings using traditional Aomori techniques

The terrace is set up using furniture made using traditional Aomori techniques such as Aomori Ai and Tsugaru Vidro.

Indigo dyeing “Aomori Ai”, which was born in Aomori and has a unique dyeing technique, can dye different shades of color by making indigo leaves into powder, and is characterized by a gentle blue hue. In addition to cushions and sofas with beautiful indigo gradation, “scallop light”, which is the image of scallop shells, is also dyed with Omori indigo, and when the light is turned on, light spills through the gaps and the color changes to a warm color.

Tsugaru Vidro is a traditional craft that features bright colors that express the four seasons of Aomori, using the technique of “air blowing”, which is a method of making floating balls for fishing. A wind chime with a blue pattern is hung to harmonize with the space, and you can feel the coolness with its soft tone.

Experience a cool experience with sweets that imagine a goldfish swimming leisurely

We provide “adult sake jelly” that uses local sake for Tsugaru Vidro’s bowl. A sweet for adults that contains cassis-flavored and apple-flavored goldfish-shaped jelly in a crush jelly made from local sake. If you eat a bite, the aroma of local sake will spread in your mouth.

Overview of "Aomori Ai Ryomi"

Period: June 1st-August 31st, 2022
Price: ¥ 2,200 (tax included) per person
Reservation: Same-day reservation by extension
Location: Terrace seats in the Yawata horse lounge
Time: 10:00-12:00/15:00-21:00
Included: Use of Yawata horse lounge, drinks, sweets
Target: Guest
Remarks: Implementation details may change depending on the weather.

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