[Hoshinoya Karuizawa] “Green shade walk” to enjoy a walk and cool confectionery in a summer resort


“Hoshinoya” is an original theme for each facility and offers overwhelming extraordinary life.
We will carry out a “green shade walk” where you can enjoy a walk in Karuizawa, a summer resort, and taste the cool confectionery.
You can spend a cool summer time in the space where the murmuring of water and the green breeze carry the cool.

Enjoy a walk while feeling nature

On the grounds of Hoshinoya Karuizawa, you can take a walk while feeling the nature wherever you are.
At the Taiko Bridge in the center, you can listen to the murmuring of the water flowing from upstream to downstream, and on the walking path where the sunlight shines through, you can feel the pleasant sunlight and the green breeze.

You can enjoy the change of the scenery that spreads in front of you, reminiscent of the scenery that spreads beyond the alley.

Choose your favorite seat and stay cool

You can choose your favorite seat to enjoy Ryoka while enjoying a walk.
Chairs are installed in places on the premises so that you can enjoy the scenery of nature at any time.
The seats overlook the rice terraces reminiscent of the original scenery of Japan, and the seats where you can hear the babbling sound of water up close, so you can feel the nature unique to that place.

Enjoy summer confectionery with cold tea

We serve cool confectionery and cold tea in a bamboo basket so that you can take it to your favorite seat and enjoy it.

Japanese cuisine We will prepare Kasuke’s special plum anmitsu and namagashi that imitates the flowers that bloom on the premises in the summer.
Ume Anmitsu is a dish with a refreshing taste that is made by combining seasonal fruits such as ome agar, noshi plum, raw apricots and prunes.
In addition, we provide sweet and refreshing cold tea to match the cool confectionery.
You can enjoy summer confectionery with cold tea.

Sales period: June 1st-August 31st, 2022 (with exclusion dates)
Price: ¥ 6,050 per person (tax and service charge included) * Accommodation charge not included
Offerings: Cool confectionery, Cold tea
Offer time: 15: 00-17: 00
Capacity: 1 group per day (up to 2 people)
Target: Hoshinoya Karuizawa Guest
Remarks: In case of rain, some of the contents will be changed.
The contents of dishes and ingredients may change depending on the purchase situation.

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