“Aichi Designated Tangible Cultural Property Ito Residence x Flower and Digital Art Festival” that retains the remnants of a castle town during the Edo period


A video showing the state of “Aichi Designated Tangible Cultural Property Ito Residence x Flower and Digital Art Festival” held from December 6th to 19th, 2021 has been released. Please enjoy the fantastic space where splendid flowers and digital art are fused.

About Ito Residence

The Ito family (伊藤家) was a branch of the “Kawaito family (川伊藤家)”, a merchant house in Kiyosu, and served as a merchant of the Owari clan during the Edo period. The house consists of a main house consisting of the main house(本家), Shin-Zashiki(新座敷), and Minami-Zashiki(南座敷).
It consists of a warehouse(蔵), a Shin-Dozo(新土蔵), a Nishi-zo(西蔵), a Saiku-zo(細工蔵), etc., and is a valuable remains as a typical example of a merchant’s mansion that used the water transportation of Horikawa to run a family business.

In 1987 (Showa 62), it was designated as a tangible cultural property designated by Aichi Prefecture. In addition, it was designated as an Important Landscape Structure in Nagoya City in 2018 (Heisei 30).

About the work theme "Regenerate Japan"

The theme of digital content produced by the digital artist group “HITOHATA” is “Regenerate Japan”. The new coronavirus has lost the opportunity to share and inherit the wonderful cultural arts and traditions that Japan has grown and refined over the years, and is on the verge of decline.

“HITOHATA” creates content with local cultural arts and traditions as a motif, and digital entertainment that is inspired by it and boldly sublimated with new interpretations and aesthetics, creating vitality in Japan and becoming a cultural and artistic nation. ・ Aim to revitalize Japan.



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