[Gifu Hida Takayama] Take a walk while drinking and comparing local sake, Sake Brewery Nonbei Festival


It will be held for the first time in early summer. The event “3rd Hida Takayama Sake Brewery Nonbei Festival” will be held from June 10th (Fri) to July 3rd (Sun), 2022, where you can enjoy walking around the old streets during the fresh green season.

【The 3rd Hida Takayama Sake Brewery Nonbei Festival】

Period: June 10th (Fri) -July 3rd (Sun), 2022
Time: 10:00 to 12:00, 13:00 to 16:00
Participating sake brewery: Hirase Sake Brewery, Niki Sake Brewery, Hirata Sake Brewery, Oda Sake Brewery, Funasaka Sake Brewery, Harada Sake Brewery
(Kamiichinomachi, Kamininomachi, Kamisannomachi area)

>Hida Takayama Sake Brewery Nonbei Festival Official Website

Participation benefits
If you purchase the “Hida Takayama Goshuin-cho” (3,000 yen per book), you can enjoy tasting two types of local sake at each of the participating sake breweries. Also, as a privilege, a commemorative cup and a special eco bag will be included! The special eco bag is large enough to hold 3 4 bottles and can be hung on the shoulder. An image character with a motif from the cup is designed and cute, and can be used in everyday life.

You can also easily watch the audio guide by scanning the QR code in the “Hida Takayama Goshuin-cho” from your smartphone and accessing it. We also rent special equipment (deposit 1,000 yen) at the Nakahashi Tourist Information Center.

>Hida Takayama Audio Guide MAP Site

Hida Takayama Omiki Book comes with a commemorative cup and a special eco bag

・Part 1
Collect 6 oversized sake brewery stamps while enjoying tasting and give a gift to commemorate the achievement of the sake brewery!
When you present the “Hida Takayama Goshuin-cho” at the brewery reception desk, an oversized brewery stamp will be stamped.
You can get a souvenir by conquering 6 houses.
You can pick up souvenirs at the 6 participating sake breweries or the Nakahashi Tourist Information Center.

Collect oversized sake brewery stamps and get a "Sake Brewery Achievement Memorial" gift!

・Part 2
Let’s apply for the lottery by shopping at the sake brewery where you can win accommodation tickets and Hida beef!
Please apply using the special postcard in the “Hida Takayama Goshuin-cho”.
When you purchase a product at a participating sake brewery, one confirmation stamp will be stamped for every 1,000 yen (tax included) in the shopping confirmation stamp field of the “Hida Takayama Goshuin-cho”. You can participate in a lottery where you can win luxurious prizes by the number you collect.

You can apply for the lottery prizes as follows:
3 stamps 4th prize, 5 stamps third prize, 8 stamps second prize, 10 stamps first prize.
Win luxury prizes such as accommodation vouchers worth 30,000 yen and Hida beef worth 15,000 yen.



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