“Eternal Wind-For Southern Wind Chime-” Kurama, Oshu, and Minamoto no Yoshitsune are connected by a cool breeze.


Kurama is also famous as a place where Minamoto no Yoshitsune learned martial arts from a tengu and practiced in his childhood when he was called Ushiwakamaru.
After that, Yoshitsune is said to have moved to Oshu Hiraizumi (Iwate Prefecture).
Eizan Electric Railway and Kazenoeki [Travel Information Station Kyoto] with the cooperation of Sanriku Railway,
From June 1st (Wed) to September 30th (Fri), 2022, “Eternal Wind-Southern Wind Chime” will be held.

Holding of "Wind Bell Station Building"

Eizan Electric Railway Kurama Station

<Eizan Electric Railway>
Approximately 200 southern wind chimes will be displayed on the platform and waiting room of Kurama Station.
<Sanriku Railway>
Approximately 40 southern wind chimes will be displayed at Miyako Station (Miyacho, Miyako City, Iwate).

Period: Eizan Electric Railway Kurama Station June 1st (Wed) -September 30th (Fri), 2022
Sanriku Railway Miyako Station June 1st (Wed) -August 31st (Wed) 2022

Sale of southern wind chimes

Southern wind chime (reference image)

We will sell the southern wind chimes with Eizan Electric Railway’s original strip specifications, and donate a part of the sales to Sanriku Railway.

Price: Various 1,500 yen (tax included)
Sales location: Kurama Station
Sales time: 10:00 to 16:00

Posting of "Eternal Wind" head mark

Head mark design

Exhibition of prize-winning works of "Eternal Wind Photo Contest 2021"

Exhibition example

The winning works from the previous year’s “Eternal Wind Photo Contest 2021” will be exhibited inside the Eizan Electric Railway “Eternal Wind” and at Kuji Station on the Sanriku Railway.

Exhibition period: [Eizan Electric Railway] June 1st (Wed) -September 30th (Fri), 2022 (planned)
[Sanriku Railway] July 1st (Fri) -September 30th (Fri), 2022 (planned)
Exhibition location: [Eizan Electric Railway] Inside the “Eternal Wind”(No. 815-816)
[Sanriku Railway]Kuji Station

* Driving time varies depending on the day.
Also, please note that some days may be suspended due to vehicle inspections or other reasons.

Call for works for "Eternal Wind Photo Contest 2022"

Recruitment period: June 1st (Wed) -December 31st (Sat), 2022
Qualifications: Those who live in Japan and agree to the application rules, regardless of whether they are professionals or amateurs.
(If you are under 19 years old, you need the consent of a guardian)
Please see the Eizan Electric Railway official website for application rules.
How to apply: Follow the “Eizan Electric Railway Official Instagram” account and post with the specified hashtag.
(Private accounts are not eligible)
★ Specified hashtag “# Eternal Wind Photocon 2022”
Result announcement: Late February 2023 (planned)
Awards: Winning / Eternal Wind Award (1 person)
Winning / Eiden Award (1 person)
Winning / Santatsu Award (1 person)
Winning (16 people)
* The 20 prize-winning works will be exhibited on the Eizan Electric Railway website, inside the “Komorebi” train, and at “Kuji Station” on the Sanriku Railway.

>Click here for application
>Eizan Electric Railway Official Instagram

Kazenoeki [Travel Information Station Kyoto]

A travel information book cafe salon in the Demachi Masugata shopping district run by travel writer Mahiro Onuki (Ambassador of Hope Township Iwate).
It is a small tourist information center that distributes tourist pamphlets and free papers mainly in Kyoto, and is also a bookstore that handles little presses that are full of travel atmosphere nationwide.
In addition, we have a book salon where you can browse tourist pamphlets nationwide, disseminate travel information, and plan and sell events and souvenirs.
December 2012 Published a little press for sightseeing in Kyoto, “Kyoto that store that you care about, that place”.
We are proposing new sightseeing in Kyoto. The latest issue is “Kyoto 4”.

>Kazenoeki [Travel Information Station Kyoto] Official Website

Eizan Electric Railway Co., Ltd.

It is a railway company with two lines in “Rakuhoku” in the northeastern part of Kyoto City.
Head north from Demachiyanagi Station, which is close to the Kyoto Imperial Palace and Shimogamo Shrine.
It is divided into two at Takaragaike Station on the way, leading to Yase-Hieizanguchi Station in the east and Kibuneguchi Station and Kurama Station in the west.
Along the line, there are historic shrines and temples such as Kifune Shrine and Kurama-dera, as well as seasonal nature such as fresh greenery in early summer, dishes that can be enjoyed on the riverbed, and autumn leaves.
In addition, there is an observation train “Kirara” that allows you to enjoy the changing scenery along the railway line, and a sightseeing train “Hiei” that allows you to enjoy an elegant atmosphere.

>Eizan Electric Railway official website



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