[Tochigi Nikko Hoshi-no-Yado] “Sake and Wine Pairing” course is now available to enjoy sake with kaiseki cuisine.


Nikko Hoshi-no-Yado, an inn located on a hill overlooking the mountains of Nikko, where you can enjoy hot springs and kaiseki cuisine, is now offering a new dining menu.
The “Sake and Wine Pairing” is a new dining menu that combines “KSISEKI,” a meal course featuring Nikko’s signature dish “Yuba” (bean curd skin), with seasonal dishes.
We hope you will enjoy a rich dinner time with a small selection of various drinks to match your meal and menu.

"KAISEKI" is a fusion of Japanese and Western cuisine, different from conventional kaiseki (Japanese-style meal).

Kaiseki cuisine is a traditional style of dining that utilizes Japanese ingredients and has strict rules and manners.
However, as customers’ lifestyles and tastes change with the times, we believe that this style should be changed.
KAISEKI” is a new style that mixes “Japanese” and “Western” ingredients, and has been highly praised by our customers.

Nikko is a yuba production center that is as famous as Kyoto.

Yuba is made by boiling down soy milk and pulling up the membrane that forms on the surface. Kyoto yuba is made by pulling up the membrane in a single layer, while Nikko yuba is made by folding it in two from the center.
The difference in the way the yuba is pulled is the difference in thickness and texture, and the unique crunchy texture of Nikko’s yuba can be enjoyed.

At Hoshi-no-Yado, guests can make their own yuba.

Sake and wine pairings to match the monthly changing "KAISEKI" menu

Because KAISEKI of Nikko Hoshi no Yado has a western flavor, it goes well with not only Japanese sake but also wine.

“Sake and Wine Pairing” Menu

Available Period: From September 1, 2022
Price: 4,950 yen (tax included)

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