[Kyukamura Nasu] “Trekking empty-handed” through Nikko National Park dyed in autumn colors starts from October 1st


One of the [100 famous mountains in Japan] in Nasu, a climbing support plan for “Mt.Chausu”.
You can enjoy trekking empty-handed with 4 special benefits in line with the autumn leaves in the Nasu area, which will be in full bloom from late September.

<Benefits 1> Hiking goods rental shop "Morinone"

Mountain climbing goods rental shop “Morinone” in Kyukamura.
You can use rental items that are normally charged for free, so even first-timers can easily experience the nature of Nasu, such as trekking and walking empty-handed.

Examples of rental goods:
Trekking shoes, rainwear, winter down, outer gloves, trekking poles, goggles, snowshoes (winter), etc.

How to use:
Please tell us at check-in (Reservation required by 19:00 the day before)
* When the maximum number of people is reached, the next day’s reception will be closed.

<Benefits 2> Comes with round-trip ticket for "Nasu Ropeway"

About 5 minutes by car from Kyukamura Nasu, the area near the Nasu Ropeway is a spot with a beautiful contrast of green leaves, autumn leaves, and yellow leaves.
The ropeway summit station is the 9th station of Mt. Chausu.
You can enjoy various autumn leaves from the top of the mountain without climbing on your own feet.
The colors start to change around the end of September, and the best time to see them varies from year to year, but it is from early to mid-October.

<Benefits 3>"Onigiri Bento" made with Tochigi Prefecture's original variety of rice "Nasuhikari"

It comes with a lunch box that is perfect for mountain climbing, with two rice balls(Onigiri) made from Tochigi Prefecture’s original cultivar “Nasuhikari” and a side dish.
“Onigiri Bento” eaten while surrounded by autumn leaves is exquisite.

<Benefits 4>Commemorating the summit! Yamasanka's Original Mt.Chausu Pins Present

A souvenir brand with the concept of “Sharing the goodness of mountains.” One Yamasanka original Mt. Chausu pin per person (adults only) as a gift. Please take a moment to commemorate your summit.

50th anniversary project "Natural ONEUP" Climbing support plan for Japan's 100 famous mountains "Mt. Chausu"

Duration: October 1, 2022 to early November *End times may vary depending on the color of the autumn leaves
Price: From 17,000 yen per person per night with two meals
* Weekdays 1 room for 2 people / consumption tax included, bathing tax 150 yen not included
*Additional 3,300 yen from October 1st to 22.29 during the fall foliage season, and additional 2,200 yen on Saturdays from October 23rd to November 28th



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