General sales of regional tour passport “SEKAI PASS” started.


SEKAI PASS is a regional tour passport that allows you to blend into your daily routine and experience everyday.
If you take this SEKAI PASS to the area, you can enjoy a morning at a net cafe, take a bath in a public bath, and enjoy the benefits of SEKAI PASS only at restaurants such as izakaya and okonomiyaki.

Previously, it was sold only to SEKAI HOTEL guests, but the number of guests staying at SEKAI HOTEL around the hotel and asking for more by visiting the SEKAI HOTEL area during the itinerary has increased. We have begun to sell to.
Sales / receipt:SEKAI HOTEL Each front

How to use SEKAI PASS

After asking for SEKAI PASS at the front desk, you will receive Google Maps that summarizes the affiliated stores that can use SEKAI PASS. It is very convenient because it is a map that shows the location of the store and the contents of the service. In addition, the staff who is familiar with the daily life of the area can ask you how to spend your time, so if you have any concerns, ask the staff at the hotel front desk.
Then, when you arrive at the partner store, you can use the service by presenting the SEKAI PASS to the store first.

Usually 7 takoyaki are 10!
Handmade Japanese confectionery experience at a long-established Japanese confectionery shop that lasts 150 years

Overview of SEKAI HOTEL

>SEKAI HOTEL official site

Hotel Location:
-SEKAI HOTEL Nishikujo
(1-16-16 Nishikujo, Konohana-ku, Osaka-shi)
(1-19-1 Ashiro, Higashiosaka City, Osaka Prefecture)
(Takaoka City, Toyama / Coming Soon)



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Miwa Komatsu Exclusive Interview “NEXT MANDALA ~ Home of the Soul” A Powerful Message of Great Harmonization

Having celebrated its 25th anniversary last year, Japanese IT giant Digital Garage held the 21st edition of its annual conference in Tokyo on Aug 11. Titled “EARTHSHOT”, the star guest was Stewart Brand, the founder of Whole Earth Catalog, who joined via video link from San Francisco to discuss the theme of “50 Years of Whole Earth Catalog – Thinking About the Future & Technology”.

At the event artist Miwa Komatsu unveiled a new work titled “NEXT MANDALA – Home of the Soul”, which she painted while sojourning at Buddhist monastery Sanboin in Koyasan, Wakayama Prefecture. She painted in the pupil of the eye depicted in the work live at the event and gave a speech titled “From Great Acceleration to Great Harmonization”.

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