“Ring. Ring. Ring.”, A new type of sake made by fermenting apples and hops with rice, released by haccoba


There used to be a time in Japan where each household enjoyed making sake using a variety of ingredients. In the Meiji era, sake brewing became a license system, making it difficult to make free sake. haccoba considers that the former free sake brewing is the origin of fermentation culture, and pursues sake brewing that transcends genres.
“Ring. Ring. Ring.” Is a new taste of sake that reconsiders sake in the context of “hard cider”, an apple liquor that is currently popular mainly in the United States, and craft beer.

Sake and beer, sake brewing that transcends the boundaries of hard cider

With the cooperation of 568market, we made sake using rice and apples from Akita, which is our base. Harmonizing the aroma of hops, the motif is hard cider (apple cider) and ale beer, creating a crisp and refreshing scent. The richness of Akita is a tightly packed one.

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"Ring.Ring.Ring." Product Overview

Price: 2,420 yen (tax included)
Contents: 500ml
Release date: Thursday, April 28, 2022
Period: Ends as soon as sold out

By fermenting “Akitakomachi” from Akita Prefecture and “Fuji” from apples in the same tank, the clear acidity and umami of sake are combined with the sharpness and astringency of apples.
In addition, craft beer technique dry hops bring citrus aromas and refreshing nuances like grasslands to sake.
Please enjoy the taste expressed by multiplying craft beer and hard cider by taking advantage of the richness of the land of Akita, an agricultural powerhouse.

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■ How to enjoy “Ring.Ring.Ring.”
Please cool and store in the refrigerator. The temperature at the time of drinking is around 13 ℃.
It is excellent when combined with Italian and cream cheese such as prosciutto salad and lasagna. It also goes well with early summer vegetables such as butterbur and asparagus. We also recommend dishes that use Akita’s seasoning, Shottsuru, in a slightly darker color.

*The contents may blow out due to the activity of yeast. Open the cap slowly to remove the gas inside.

An unveiling event will be held at "Omusubi Stand AND ON" in Nihonbashi, Tokyo on May 22 (Sun).

A rice ball stand where you can enjoy the rice balls of “Junmai Akitakomachi” purchased directly from young farmers in Akita during the day, and an event held about 10 times a month, centered on standing drinks where you can enjoy rice balls made with Akita sake and ingredients at night. Through this, we are creating various exchanges.

Asuka Sato, the representative of the 568market that collaborated this time, will be the “one-day shopkeeper” and will hold an unveiling event at noon on May 22 (Sun).
(Additional details will be announced at a later date)

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