A new yukata for spring / summer 2022 that makes you feel happy regardless of genre or age.


From the kimono brand , which is based on the concept of “a little surprise that happens to me,” a new yukata with the theme of “playlist” will be released. Regardless of genre or age, please enjoy the spring and summer items that make you happy with your favorite combination.

A new yukata that honestly expresses the theme of the season

A washable yukata with a “music playback screen” pattern.
The song playback time “6:21” represents the summer solstice, where the sun is the longest and the summer can be enjoyed most, and the remaining time “0:87” represents the beginning of autumn.
There are two colors, yellow and blue, which are based on the image of the sun, sea, and sky. The fabric is made of theo α, which has high water absorption, which is also used for sportswear, and it is a nice point that it is light and comfortable to wear and can be washed at home.

Washable yukata "playlist" ¥ 55,000 (tax included, with tailoring)

A bold piece of "tie-dye pattern" that is dyed unevenly

The yukata expresses the tie-dye that is often seen in festivals and music scenes.
Using the technique of uneven dyeing, all cotton linen fabrics of about 13m per roll are dyed by hand at a workshop in Hokkaido, so you can feel the charm of each one. It’s a bold pattern, but it’s the one that fits in the summer.

Cotton linen yukata "Tie-dye" ¥ 60,500 (tax included, with tailoring)

A popular squeezing yukata that is also recommended as a summer kimono

There are 3 new patterns (1 color each) of the popular squeezed yukata that are sold out every year.
Among them, “Disco”, which has a charming bright reddish purple color that attracts attention this summer, has a pattern that resembles “Notes” that flows along with the song in a music game, which makes you feel even better.

Squeezing Yukata "Disco" ¥ 79,200 (tax included, with tailoring)
Squeezing Yukata "Diamond" ¥ 79,200 (tax included, with tailoring)
Squeezing Yukata "Name" ¥79,200 (tax included, with tailoring)

Lettered embroidered obi with the image of lyrics and band T-shirts

A new item has appeared in the brand’s popular sash belt.
In the lettered that appears in the back, the English sentence that translates the sentence “I have a small monster in myself” in the brand statement is placed like a heart mark to add to the favorites of the playlist.
The insistence fabric woven in Kiryu, Gunma Prefecture, gives you a firm and firm feeling even in the softness of the dent belt.

Image of a heart symbol for adding favorites on the playlist screen
Heko obi "Lettered" ¥16,500 (tax included)

We have a large number of items that will expand the range of coordination.

Introducing the “Cowhide Belt”, which allows you to enjoy the change in color and softness over time. It can be used not only as a belt but also through your favorite obidome.
We also created the first original sandals for the brand. Cowhide is used for the thong to create a neat feeling even in a casual style. The sole part uses a low-resilience material so that you will not get tired even if you walk for a long time.

Obijime cowhide belt ¥5,500 (tax included)
Original sandals ¥ 30,800 (tax included)

Released on April 2, 2022
*Some products will be rolled out sequentially
*Sold at Yamato online store from 10 o’clock
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